The Hill


Kemper College was the earliest educational institution to be located in the area. It was organized in 1836 by the Protestantant Episcopal Church and was named for Bishop Jackson Kemper. A site of 125 acres about four miles southwest of St. Louis was purchased and buildings were erected at a cost of $20,000. It was located to the west of and south of Kingshighway and Arsenal Road and opened aon October 15, 1838. In 1840, a medical department was organized by Dr. J.N. McDowell, as the Missouri Medical College. The school's literary department was discontinued in 1845 because of financial difficulties and the property was sold. Subsequently, the buildings were used as the old County Poor House, and later the Insane Asylum occupied a portion of the old college grounds.

A Negro public school was said to have been established in the area in 1855. By 1904, it was located at 5326 Northrup and was named after educator George B. Vashon. The school was discontinued about 1910.

The Henry Shaw public School was first opened in 1870 in a two-story frame building at Kingshighway and Vandeventer Avenue. It contained four rooms and a seating capacity for 240 pupils. The present Shaw School at 5329 Columbia Avenue was designed by William B. Ittner and was opened in 1907.

In 1936, the original portion of Southwest High School was completed from plans by architect George W. Sanger. An addition on its north side was made in 1957 and in 1964, the three-sided section on Kingshighway, enclosing and outdoor court, was completed.

Image- St. Ambrose Parochial School.
Image- Art Festival at St. Ambrose School - 1975.
Image- Day Care Center - Sacred Heart Villa.