Land Divisions

Original land divisions in the Yeatman Area included portions of several surveys which were based upon colonial land grants. Among these were Survey #3061, at one time the property of Benito Vasquez and #2499, given as the land of Martin Coontz on a plat of 1836. Others were Surveys #2491, 3026 and 658. The southwestern corner of the area, south of Cass and east of Grand was an eastern section of the Grande Prairie Common Field. The eastern boundary, Jefferson Avenue, was the western limit of the St. Louis Common Field.

By the early 1850's, the surveys had been subdivided into tracts whose principal owners were Clement B. Penrose, G. W. Goode, Henry Stoddard, A. R. Easton, William Glasgow, Jr. and Daniel D. Page. In 1851, a large tract bounded generally by Jefferson, Sheridan, Compton and Laclede Avenues was platted as Stoddard's Addition. It was followed in 1856 by the North Stoddard Addition on both sides of Cass Avenue, west of Jefferson to Garrison.

Another fashionable subdivision of the time was Florence Suburb laid out in 1853 by J. S. Watson and S. D. South. This was located east of Garrison Avenue between Thomas and Howard Streets. In the late 1850's the large Penrose Tract, bounded by Jefferson, Madison, Garrison and St. Louis Avenues began to be divided into smaller residential subdivisions. During that period, the western section of the Yeatman area was platted into properties owned by Page, Easton, Glasgow and Laflin and Smith.