Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

Yeatman area is primarily residential in character, its housing stock consisting of buildings built well before 1920 . They are about 80% multi-family flats of brick construction, with a serious deterioration problem. Many have been torn down or vandalized. Conversely, considerable rehabilitation has been accomplished in the area by the Jeff-Vander-Lou neighborhood group. About 25% of the area's units are owner occupied and practically the entire population is black. In the western part of the area is the Arthur A. Blumeyer public housing project, in a combination of high and low rise buildings. It is one of the most recent complexes of its kind to be opened in St. Louis.

With few concentrations of commercial use, the area is characterized by deteriorating commercial strips along streets such as Easton, Jefferson, Cass and Grand. At one time, the Jefferson-Franklin intersection was a strong commercial center with a bank, theater and various stores. At present, the east side of Grand, north of Cass retains a semblance of normal commercial activity which is declining. On the south this strip borders on the midtown business district and is adjacent to Powell Symphony Hall.

Industries are scattered in the midst of the neighborhood and some plants have been abandoned and are vacant. A few of the larger plants in the industrial nucleus, west of Jefferson and south of St. Louis Avenue, have relocated in St. Louis County. One of these was the Coca-Cola Company, whose large bottling plant buildings have been razed. In 1969, Brown Shoe Company opened a plant at Jefferson Avenue and Gamble Street which provides employment for neighborhood residents. A large warehousing complex is operated by the Board of Education adjacent to the Vashon High School on School Street. Another industrial plant of importance is the Warner-Jenkinson Company on Baldwin Street and Leffingwell Avenue. A former industry, which dated back to the early days of the area, was the American Wine Company at Cass and Garrison Avenues.

Image - Blumeier Housing Project
Image - American Wine Company
Image - Brown Shoe Company