About Us

The Collector of Revenue's Office for the City of St. Louis is a County office under State Statute. The office was established to collect real estate taxes, personal property taxes, and the earnings tax. Additionally, the office also collects funds for the Water and Refuse Departments. The Collector of Revenue also operates a Department of Revenue Licensing Office for the State of Missouri. All of these offices and services are located in St. Louis City Hall.

Taxes collected are distributed throughout the City to support various public services such as the police department, fire department, public education; city services such as streets, traffic, and recreation facilities such as the Zoo, Art Museum, Science Center, Botanical Garden, History Museum, libraries, among others.

To serve taxpayers, our phones are answered directly by our experienced and knowledgeable staff. In addition, we have translators on staff for Spanish, and Bosnian. Sign language interpreters are also available at City Hall.

The Collector of Revenue team is serious about respecting you and the tax dollars we collect for city services. We have established a taxpayer pledge so you know what to expect when you call or visit our office.