Candidate Clearance

In June of 2019, the Board of Alderman adopted City Ordinance #70991. This ordinance requires all candidates for an elective public office of the City of St. Louis to have their Personal Property tax, Real Estate tax, Earnings taxes, Water, and Refuse bills paid in full at the time of their filling. It also requires the Collector of Revenue to notify the Board of Election Commissioners the day after filing closes if any candidates are delinquent in paying. The candidate clearance does not apply to county offices or citywide committee positions.

To aid in the compliance of this requirement, the Collector of Revenue’s office has created a Candidate Clearance Form to be completed by all candidates before they file. This form will be submitted to our office, by the candidates, where we will then check the records to ensure all candidates are current on their taxes, water, and refuse bills.

For the day before filing and the first few days after filing opens, we will set up a station in room 410 of City Hall where candidates can obtain their clearance. This will allow the candidates to come to a one stop shop for Earnings tax, Personal Property tax, Real Estate tax, Water and Refuse. This station will be open from 8 AM – 5 PM. Candidates requesting verification after the initial days of filing, can come to Room 110 to have their Clearance forms completed. It is our goal that the upcoming filing period go as smoothly as possible and we look forward to working with the candidates.

For more information about obtaining clearance, please give us a call at 314-622-4111.

For information about how to file for office please visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this include spouses?

If you and your spouse are listed together on the bill, it must be paid in full. Taxes will not be recalculated to determine individual responsibility.

What if you are on a payment plan?

All balances must be paid in full. Any payment plan must be completed before a candidate can file.

What if a bill comes due after your get the clearance to file but before filing closes?

The Collector of Revenue’s office will recheck each candidate’s status on the last day of filing to ensure everyone is compliant.

What if taxes are due after filing closes?

If a complaint is made that a candidate has taxes due after the closing of filing, the Board of Election will complete an investigation.