Frequently Asked Questions

About the Pre-Pay Program

Can you tell me how much my taxes will be?

The tax rates are not established until October so we are unable to provide information on how much your taxes will be. To get a general estimate you can base the amount off of the prior year's taxes.

How much should I pay and how often should I make my payments?

There is no set amount or number of payments, you pay what you can when you can; it's that simple.

Will I receive a payment booklet?

No, we will not send a payment booklet. Once you make your payment you will receive a paid receipt and a payment stub that includes your account number to send with your next payment. You will also receive a return envelope to enclose your next payment.

What form of payment do you accept?

Payments will be accepted through the mail in the form of check or money order. Cash payments will only be accepted at City Hall in Room 109. You may also pay with online banking, just be sure the correct account number is on the check.

When will my payments be applied?

When the bills are generated on the first of November, all payments received will be applied to your account. We will then send you your bill with the remaining balance due. The total remaining balance will be due by December 31st.

What if I pay too much?

If there is an overpayment on an account, it will be applied to the bill for next year unless otherwise requested in writing.

Is there a cut off date for setting up a pre-payment account?

Pre-payment arrangements can be made at any time. September 30th is the cut off date for new pre-payment accounts to be accepted for the current tax year, and to be reflected on the November tax bill.

What if I need the money I sent in for other bills that I owe?

No payments will be returned or refunded once they have been received. Payments are also not allowed to be transferred for payment to other Collector of Revenue or City of St. Louis bills.