Pre-Pay Program

Finance Department
St. Louis City Hall
1200 Market St., Room 109
St. Louis MO 63103-2838

Phone: 314-622-4783
Fax: 314-622-4764

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Starting in 2014, our office began accepting deposits towards future property tax liabilities from individuals and businesses enrolled in the pre-pay program. As times arise during the year when you feel you have the capacity to make a payment, you may now do so. You will not be held to a schedule or plan, but can make payments as often or as seldom as you like. After each payment you will receive a receipt from our office for your tracking purposes.

To sign up for this initiative, please complete the pre-pay application form and return it to our office with your first payment. If you would like more information or still have questions, please call us at (314) 622-4783.