Property Sale Procedures

Land Tax Sale Payment Instructions

Payment is to be made in one of the following forms:

  1. Cashier's Check
  2. Money Order
  3. Cash

Cashier's checks and money orders are to be made payable to: Sheriff, City of St. Louis.

Full amount for all properties purchased must be received by 2:00 P.M. on the date of the sale without exception.

Payment is to be made in the Sheriff’s office located on the 8th floor of the Civil Courts Building.

Pursuant to Missouri Statute 92.840, the successful bidder must file with the appropriate court (Division 29) a motion to confirm the sale of property, and must have the appraiser at the confirmation hearing to testify to the reasonable value of the property.

The purchaser must also notify the attorneys for the Collector of Revenue and the Sheriff, in addition to the previous owner, and all lien holders of record, if any, of the date of the confirmation hearing through the mail.

It is your responsibility as purchaser to provide the court, at time of the confirmation hearing, with a full legal description of the property purchased. Failure to do so will result in additional expenses and delay in recording your deed.

***Failure to pay bid price will result in loss of bidding privileges***

**All confirmations are in division 29**

Land Tax Sale Process

The Sheriff will read the sale in the same order as they appear in the newspaper. When he/she comes to a piece of property on which you wish to bid, please yell stop. Whoever first yells stop makes the opening bid, the amount of which the Sheriff will announce. The opening bid is the tax amount plus fees, etc.

Each parcel must be paid in full by 2:00 P.M. that day, and if it is not paid for by that time, it will be reoffered the following day. Those who successfully bid but who do not pay will be forever barred from bidding in another Sheriff’s sale.

In the past, the Sheriff has encountered situations where a particular parcel of property generates considerable bidding. Occasionally, the successful bidder will not pay for the property by the end of the day.

If the bid price for the same piece of property on the second day is considerably lower than the bid on the first day, there results a “loss” which can be recovered against the successful first day bidder under the provisions of Missouri Statute [513.240 R.S. Mo. (1986)]. If the bid price on the second day is lower than the bid price on the first day, it is our recommendation that the Sheriff proceed to recover the loss, with cost, by filing a motion in the Circuit Court of the City St. Louis against the first day successful bidder. Further, those who do not pay may be forever barred from bidding in any future Sheriff’s sale.

You must have all purchases confirmed by the court. It is your responsibility to contact the clerk in Division 29 to arrange for a hearing. You will be required to present the verbal testimony of a qualified real estate appraiser. These costs are incurred by the purchaser. If you are not familiar with this proceeding we strongly suggest that you consult an attorney. Neither the Sheriff’s deputies nor his attorney will give you legal advice or legal help with this matter.

When the court confirms your purchase, the Sheriff will then prepare his deed upon the court order and present it to the Judge for signature. You will be required to sign an affidavit before the notary that you entered the agreement of your own free will. Once completed, the Sheriff’s Office will send you a letter, informing you that the deed is ready and has been recorded for you. You will need to come to the Sheriff’s office to pick up the receipt that releases the deed to you. The fee for this receipt is $36.00 and proof of Application for an Occupancy Permit if there is a structure on the parcel sold. If not please inform the Sheriff’s Office that you purchased a vacant lot. You may then pick up your deed at the Recorder of Deeds Office in City Hall, Room 126.

Only cash, cashier's checks or money orders are accepted. There are no exceptions. Bids will be taken in $100 increments.

After the above is read, the sale will begin.