Direct Payment Enrollment

When you pay your Water-Refuse bill you have the convenience of choosing the option that works best for you. Direct payment allows you to pay your Water-Refuse bill directly from your checking or savings account. No checks, envelopes, or stamps needed. We will continue to send you a billing statement for your records or you can sign up for e-billing at The amount due will be automatically deducted from your account on the due date shown. It's free to enroll and there are no convenience fees attached.

To enroll, simply complete and return the application along with a voided check. No temporary checks will be accepted.

New direct payment enrollments will become effective on your next cycle bill and will not cover any current balance due. If you currently maintain a balance on your Water-Refuse account, please remit payment in addition to sending your enrollment application and voided check.

Download the Direct Payment Enrollment Form

Direct Payment Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up direct debit on my account?

Yes, to enroll in direct debit you will need to fill out an enrollment form and submit it along with a voided check. For this program, you can only enroll using a checking or savings account. Enrollment forms can be mailed to the address listed on the application, or emailed to:

I want to cancel my direct debit, what do I need to do?

To cancel your direct payment, you will need to submit a letter requesting the cancellation of your account, including: your account number, address and telephone number. These cancellation requests can be mailed in or emailed to

Can I set up automatic withdrawal with my credit card?

To enroll in automatic payment with your credit card you will need to use or download the PayIt St. Louis app. There is a convenience fee of 2.45% charged by the processing company.