Hearings for Liquor License Applications

05/15/18, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Notice: Because of the Global Pandemic declared on March 11, 2020, and subsequent Federal, State and Local Public Health Orders, for the protection of the public and in keeping with CDC guidelines, meetings will be restricted to no more than 10 persons maintaining a distance of 6 feet apart. Many meetings will be held via video/teleconference in lieu of in-person meetings. Please review the meeting notice closely for instructions on where/how to join the meeting.


Admission: Charge. for parking meters and/or parking lot; all liquor hearings are free to attend.

9:00am-Polynesia Stl LLC d/b/a Yellowbelly @4659 Lindell Blvd (Full Drink/Sunday and Summer Garden)-Travis D. Howard, Mgr-located in the 28th Ward-Central West End neighborhood. 

9:30am-Aramark Educationa Service LLC d/b/a Grand Hall @3605 Laclede Ave (Full Drink and Sunday)-Lorene Samson, Mgr.-located in the 19th Ward-Midtown neighborhood.

10:00am-Lucky Liquor LLC d/b/a Shamrock Pub @ 1129-31 S Broadway (Full Drink and Sunday)-Patrick McGlynn, Mgr.- located in the 7th Ward-LaSalle Park neighborhood.

10:30am-Fox Associates LLC d/b/a Stage Left Grill @541 N Grand Blvd (Full Drink/Sunday and Sidewalk Cafe)-Jeffrey Antrainer, Mgr. located in the 19th Ward-Covenant Blu-Grand Center neighborhood.

11:00am-Mahler Ballroom LLC d/b/a Mahler Ballroom @4915 Washington Blvd (Full Drink/Sunday and Summer Garden)-Joseph Kelly, Mgr.-located in the 18th Ward-Central West End neighborhood.  

11:30am-Grand Ballroom Stl LLC d/b/a Grand Ballroom @1014 Locust St Suite 300 (Full Drink and Sunday)-Jennifer Hampel, Mgr.-located in the 7th Ward-Downtown neighborhood. 

12:00pm-Papagayo's Bar & Grill LLC d/b/a Papgayo's Bar & Grill @5001 Lindenwood Ave (Full Drink/Sunday and Summer Garden)-Rigoberto Correa, Mgr.-located in the 10th Ward-North Hampton neighborhood.

12:30pm-Twisted Roots LLC d/b/a Twisted Roots @3690 Forest Park Ave (Full Drink and Sunday)-Mark E. Neville, Mgr.-located in the 17th Ward-Midtown neighborhood.

1:00pm-Legends-Cunningham Bar &Grill LLC d/b/a  Legends-Cunninghan Bar & Grill @2613-17 Marcus Ave-(Full Drink/Sunday and Summer Garden)-Rodrick Cunningham, Mgr.-in the 4th Ward-Greater Ville neighborhood.

1:15pm-The Little Bar, LLC d/b/a Little Bar @6343 Alabama St (Full Drink/Sunday and Summer Garden)-Michael Kane, Mgr.-located in the 11th Ward-Carondelet neighborhood.

1:30pm-3 Queens Productions LLC d/b/a Hamburger Mary's @ 400 Washington Ave (Sidewalk Cafe)-Tiffany Jarman, Mgr.-located in the 7th Ward-Downtown neighborhood.

1:45pm-Covo Unit 2 LLC d/b/a Covo @401 Pine St (Sidewalk Cafe)- Joseph Kelly, Mgr.-located in the 7th Ward-Downtown neighborhood.  

Excise Division

Handicap accessibility is located through the northwest tunnel.

Event published: May 8, 2018 10:06 AM
Last updated: May 8, 2018 10:22 AM

St. Louis, MO 63103

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Excise Division

Gwendolyn Cherry-Simms

(314) 622-4191

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