Engrossments Rules, Resolutions & Credentials

05/21/19, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Aldermanic Committee Meeting

Admission: Free.

Engrossment of Board Bills

HH           B.B.#9 – Arnowitz/Green/Ingrassia/Guenther – An ordinance

                authorizing and directing the Director of the Department of

                Health to enter into and execute an Agreement with St. Louis

                University and St. Louis University College for Public Health and

                Social Justice as part of a Missouri Foundation for Health grant

                to fund an Academic Health Department, upon approval of the

                Board of Estimate and Apportionment, and to expend funds by

                entering into contracts or otherwise for the grant purposes and

                containing an emergency clause.


WM         B.B.#17 – Roddy – An ordinance submitting to the qualified

                voters residing in the Central West End Southeast Special

                Business District, as established in Ord. No. 63780, approved

                May 31, 1996, amended in Ordinance No. 64550, approved

                January 15, 1999 and amended in Ordinance No. 68236,

                approved January 16, 2009, a proposal to extend the levy of a

                tax on the real property located in said district for an additional

                ten years and increasing the amount of such tax to an amount

                not to exceed $0.85 per $100 assessed valuation; submitting

                said proposal to the voters of said district as a Special Election

                on August 6, 2019; and containing an emergency clause.



WM         B.B.#20 – Roddy – An ordinance repealing paragraph (f) of

                Section Two of Ord. 63780, approved on May 31, 1996, as

                amended in Ordinance 64550, approved January 15, 1999, and

                Ordinance 68236 approved January 16, 2009 and in lieu thereof

                a new paragraph (f) is enacted extending the period of time

                during which the Central West End Southeast Special Business

                District shall be permitted to collect a tax within the boundaries

                of the district and increasing the amount of such tax to an

                amount not to exceed $0.85 per $100.00 of the assessed

                valuation of all real property within such district and to amend

                and restate the use for which the additional revenue produced

                by such tax may be put to include cleaning, landscaping and

                maintenance, security and public safety, purchase and

                installation of public infrastructure, public transportation,

                administration, and contingency fund for such categories; and

                containing effectiveness and emergency clauses.




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