Public Safety Committee Hearing (Updated)

10/15/19, 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Notice: Because of the Global Pandemic declared on March 11, 2020, and subsequent Federal, State and Local Public Health Orders, for the protection of the public and in keeping with CDC guidelines, meetings will be restricted to no more than 10 persons maintaining a distance of 6 feet apart. Many meetings will be held via video/teleconference in lieu of in-person meetings. Please review the meeting notice closely for instructions on where/how to join the meeting.

Aldermanic Committee Meeting
Public Safety

Admission: Free.

The Public Safety Committee will meet to review and discuss the following: 

Board Bills

Board Bill Number 89

Sponsored by Ald.  J. Boyd

An Ordinance adopting the 2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, with amendments; and containing a penalty clause, severability clause, savings clause, and emergency clause. (Added Thursday, October 3, 2019) 

Board Bill Number 94

Sponsored by Ald. Muhammad/Vaccaro

An ordinance setting forth regulations for the use of surveillance technology by the City; requiring surveillance technology usage rules, regulations and guidelines be established and approved by the Board of Aldermen before any such surveillance technology may be used and plans may be put into practice; and containing a severability clause and emergency clause. (Added to the agenda Thursday, October 3, 2019) 

Board Bill Number 106

Sponsored by Pres. Reed, Vaccaro, Davis, Coatar, Middlebrook, S. Hubbard, Muhammad, Murphy, P. Boyd, Rice, Ingrassia and Navarro

An ordinance establishing reporting requirements for licensees selling firearms to report failures of a background check system when a firearm purchase is denied within the limits of the City of St. Louis and containing a severability and an emergency clause.

Board Bill Number 107

Sponsored by Ald. Muhammad

An ordinance directing that the City of St. Louis Division of Police establish nine Police Districts the boundaries of which shall be drawn in accordance with the map set forth in Exhibit A. attached hereto; and, to the extent the Commissioner of the City of St. Louis Division of Police deems reasonable and appropriate in light of changing community and law enforcement needs, Division of Police resources including Officers shall be apportioned equally amongst the nine Police Districts, and each Police District. (Added to the agenda Thursday, October 3, 2019)

Board Bill Number 128

Introduced by Ald. John Muhammad

An ordinance prohibiting the issuance of any package or drink liquor licenses for any 2 currently non-licensed premises within the boundaries of the Twenty-First Ward Liquor 3 Control District, as established herein, for a period of five (5) years from the effective date 4 hereof; containing exceptions and allowing, during the moratorium period, for the limited 5 transfer of existing licenses, under certain circumstances, and renewal of existing licenses. (Added Monday, October 14, 2019)


Resolution Number 116

Introduced by Ald. Vaccaro

The Board of Aldermen calls upon Governor Parsons and the Missouri General Assembly to require firearms purchasers to demonstrate some basic knowledge of firearms safety before purchasing a firearm.


The committee will discuss the PROP S RFP for 2020. (Added Friday, October 11, 2019) 

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Last updated: Oct 14, 2019 10:53 AM

Kennedy Room (Rm208)
1200 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

Map for the above address
Directions to this address

Board of Aldermen

Kennedy, Terry

(314) 622-3287

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