Engrossment Committee Meeting

04/15/21, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Aldermanic Committee Meeting
Engrossment, Rules, Resolutions and Credentials

Admission: Free.


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The committee will meet to complete the Engrossment and/or Enrollment of  the following Board Bills: 


Board Bill Number 146

Committee Substitute

Introduced by Alderwoman Heather Navarro, Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia

An ordinance amending Ordinance 70892 to require certification of network need or proof of other legal exceptions in applications for installations of small wireless facilities on new or modified utility poles in      the right-of-way adjacent to the front lot line of single-family lots; and containing an emergency clause and a severability clause.

Board Bill Number 155

Introduced by Alderman Brandon Bosley

An ordinance establishing a maximum posted speed limit of twenty (20) miles per hour for all traffic travelling upon sections of roadways in areas zoned A   Single Family Residential District, B Two Family Residential Dwelling District, C Multiple Family Residential Dwelling District, D Multiple Family Residential Dwelling District, and E Multiple Family Dwelling District that are within the area defined herein as the 3rd Ward Residential Speed Limit District.

Board Bill Number 169

Introduced by Alderwoman Sarah Martin, Alderwoman Heather Navarro, Alderman Thomas Oldenburg, Alderwoman Annie Rice  

The purpose of this bill is to authorize the City of St. Louis, by and through the Board of Public Service (“BPS”), accept the FY20 Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) - Air Pollution Control Program Volkswagen Trust Government Truck Program (“Grant”) of $423,000.00.

Board Bill Number 175

Floor Substitute

Introduced by Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia

An ordinance approving a blighting study and Redevelopment Plan for the 2741 Locust St. Redevelopment Area.

Board Bill Number 203

Introduced by Alderwoman Marlene Davis, Alderwoman Tammika Hubbard, Alderman Thomas Oldenburg, Alderwoman Pamela Boyd, Alderwoman Dwinderlin Evans, Alderman Jeffrey Boyd

An ordinance pertaining to the Central Baptist Church located at 2842 Washington Boulevard having as subject matter the designation of the Property as a City of St. Louis Landmark, containing definitions, Landmark Standards and a severability clause.

Board Bill Number 208

Introduced by Alderwoman Marlene Davis

An Ordinance recommended and approved by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment authorizing and directing the Director of Airports and the Comptroller of the City of St. Louis (the "City"), owner and operator of St. Louis Lambert International Airport® (the “Airport”) to enter into and execute on behalf of the City the Lease Agreement with The Boeing Company-AL-176 between the City and The Boeing Company containing a severability clause; and containing an emergency clause.

Board Bill Number 210

Introduced by Alderwoman Marlene E Davis

This board bill is being introduced to amend the Petition of the Olive West Community Improvement District (the “District”). The District was formed by City Ordinance #71047 with an effective 12/26/2019. The District is comprised of approximately thirty-two (32) properties curently owned by a single property owner, Olive West Properties, LLC, generally located along Olive Blvd. between Spring Ave. on the East and Vandeventer Blvd. on the West.

Board Bill Number 211

Introduced by Alderwoman Lisa Middlebrook

This board bill is being introduced to establish the Clarence Broadway Community Improvement District (the “District”). The District will be comprised of approximately thirty-four (34) properties currently owned by three (3) separate property owners and will be generally be bounded by North Broadway on the West, East Clarence Ave. on the North, Bulwer Ave. on the East and East Athlone on the South.

Board Bill Number 217

Introduced by Alderwoman Marlene E Davis

This Board Bill seeks to approve a Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan and Blighting Study for the 3601-3609 Lindell Blvd. Redevelopment Area. This Board Bill will allow a 10-year tax abatement @ 95%.

Board Bill Number 219

Committee Substitute
Introduced by Alderwoman Carol Howard

The purpose of the bill is to establish a Community Improvement District (“CID”) known as the 4350 South Kingshighway Community Improvement District.

Board Bill Number 222

Introduced by Alderwoman Shameem Clark Hubbard, Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia, Alderman Bret Narayan, Alderman Dan Guenther, Alderwoman Annie Rice, Alderman Joseph Vaccaro, Alderman Joseph Roddy, Alderwoman Marlene Davis

The proposed bill will prohibit discrimination in employment and housing decisions including, without limitation hiring, advancement and compensation and discrimination in housing practices based upon an individual….

Board Bill Number 234

As Amnded

Introduced by Alderman John Coatar

An ordinance authorizing and directing the Treasurer of the City of St. Louis, acting in her capacity as Supervisor of Parking (“Treasurer”) to enter into a real estate sale contract to sell to 1014 Spruce QOZB, LLC (“Spruce”) certain real estate belonging to the City of St. Louis and located in City Block 0434  and generally known as 1014 Spruce Street; authorizing the Treasurer and other City officials to enter into a parking license, a memorandum of  license and a development agreement; and granting such further authority to take such further actions as are necessary to effectuate the real estate sale  contract; and containing a severability and emergency  clause.

Board Bill Number 236

Introduced by Alderman John Collins-Muhammad

The proposed bill will amend Ordinance 71257, pertaining to the O’Fallon Penrose Special Business District to place the Ordinance’s number, date of its approval, and board bill number in the official ballot language, and revise the initial rate of levy to $.75 and change the election date set forth in Section Ten to April 2, 2021. 


Board Bill Number 44

Floor Substitute

Introduced by Alderman Bret Narayan

An Ordinance for regulation and control of Air Pollution within the City of St. Louis: repealing Ordinance 68137, approved October 31, 2008; Ordinance 70607, approved July 19, 2017; and Ordinance 71146, approved May 7, 2020, pertaining to the regulation and control of air pollution and enacting in lieu thereof a new ordinance for the purposes of clarity pertaining to the same subject matter, and containing a severability clause, a penalty clause and an emergency clause.

Board Bill Number 209

Introduced by Alderwoman Lisa Middlebrook

An Ordinance authorizing the execution of a new Lease Agreement between The City of St. Louis, Missouri (the “City”) and SCF Lewis and Clark Terminals LLC (“SCF”), a Delaware limited liability company,  for a period of two (2) years and seven (7) months with one (1) seven (7) year and two (2) five (5) year mutual options for the purpose of parking automobiles and storage and interior receiving, processing, storing and transloading of cargo and/or a warehouse or distribution center for products at 2226 N. 1st Street containing a severability clause.

Board Bill Number 226

Introduced by Alderwoman Pamela Boyd  
An ordinance amending Ordinance 70932 concerning recreational fires to prohibit recreational fires in locations other than a back yard or a side yard so long as the recreational fire is not visible from an adjacent public way other than an alley.

Board Bill Number 238

Introduced by Alderwoman Beth Murphy, Pres. Lewis Reed, Alderman Jeffrey Boyd, Alderwoman Marlene Davis, Alderman Tom Oldenburg, Alderman John Coatar, Alderwoman Pam Boyd, Alderwoman Dwinderlin Evans, Alderman Dan Guenther, Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia

The bill amends Ordinance 67119 to prohibit employers and labor organizations from 2 advertising that individuals of a certain age, race, creed, color, sexual orientation, gender 3 identity, national origin, religion or disability are not accepted for employment or membership; 4 and to prohibit landlords from declining rental applicants because they are victims of domestic, 5 dating, or sexual violence, or stalking or construing such violence as a violation or cause for 6 termination of a lease; and to allow landlords to bifurcate leases to remove offenders and allow 7 victims to remain.


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