FRP BOT Meeting

06/30/22, 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Notice: St. Louis City officials recommend that residents follow CDC guidance for COVID-19 safety. Current CDC guidance states that people should avoid large events and gatherings when possible, and use masks and social distancing when gathering with those outside your household. Please use a virtual meeting option if you can. See the CDC website for guidance on large and small gatherings.


Admission: Free.




  1. Call to order;
  2. Certification of Trustee Elections;
    1. Active Firefighter Trustee;
    2. Retiree Firefighter Trustee;
  3. Review and Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of February 17,2022;
  4. Review and Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of May 26,2022;
  5. Dahab Updates:
    1. May Preliminary Performance Review;
    2. Update on the Economy;
  6. Approval of Retirement Benefits;
  7. Approval of DROP benefits:
  8. Approval of DROP Withdrawal;
  9. Approval of Refund of Contributions;
  10.  Report on Legal fees to date;
  11. Update on Accounting Software;
  12. Closed Session pursuant to Section 610.021 RsMo (Roll Call Vote) to discuss legal matters and matters of physical and mental health of members; 
  13. Motions coming forward from Closed Session;
  14. Confirm meeting dates –Thursday, July 28, Thursday, August 25.
  15. Other business which may come to the attention of the Board of Trustees;
  16. Adjournment.


Event published: Jun 27, 2022 9:13 AM

Carnahan Building
1114 Market Street Room 746
St. Louis, MO 63101

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Firefighters Retirement Plan

Fairless, Janice

(314) 622-3216

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