Board Bill Number 296 In Session 2008-2009

Air quality projects involving traffic signals


BOARD BILL NO. 296 INTRODUCED BY ALDERMAN FREEMAN BOSLEY, SR., ALDERWOMAN PHYLLIS YOUNG, ALDERWOMAN LYDA KREWSON, ALDERMAN JOSEPH RODDY, ALDERMAN GREGORY CARTER An Ordinance, recommended by the Board of Public Service of the City of St. Louis (the "Board of Public Service"), establishing public works and improvement projects for the design and construction of three (3) Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Projects involving traffic signal interconnection and upgrades (the "CMAQ Projects") including the Vandeventer Avenue CMAQ Project from Forest Park to St. Louis Avenue (the "Vandeventer CMAQ Project"), the West Florissant Avenue CMAQ Project from Goodfellow Boulevard to Grand Boulevard (the "West Florissant CMAQ Project"), and the Lindell Boulevard and Olive Street CMAQ Project from Skinker Boulevard to Fourteenth Street (the Lindell/Olive CMAQ Project"); and authorizing and directing the City of St. Louis (the "City"), by and through its Board of Public Service, to let contracts and provide for the design, construction, materials, and equipment for the CMAQ Projects, authorizing the Board of Public Service to employ labor and consultants, pay salaries, fees and wages, acquire real property interests, and to enter into supplemental agreements with the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission, Federal Highway Administration, utilities, and other governmental agencies for the CMAQ Projects all in accordance with the federal Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (23 U.S.C. 110, et seq.), with any contract containing sections for: description of the work, material guarantees, estimated expenditure allocations, fund reversion authorization, applicable federal and state wage rate requirements, equal opportunity provisions, the Mayor's Executive Orders, and contract advertising statutes; requiring that all work provided for herein shall be carried out in accordance with detailed plans and specifications adopted and approved by the Board of Public Service before bids are advertised therefore; directing that all construction contracts let by authority of this Ordinance provide for federal and state prevailing wages requirements including prevailing wage holiday and overtime pay and compliance with all applicable statutes of the State of Missouri, the City Charter and the Revised Code of the City, as amended; requiring all specifications approved by the Board of Public Service and contracts let by authority of this Ordinance provide for compliance with the Mayor's Executive Orders on Equal Opportunity and maximum MBE/WBE/DBE utilization goals, except when superseded or prohibited by federal or state law or regulation; requiring all advertisements for bids pursuant to this Ordinance be subject to the provisions of Section 8.250 RSMo., as amended; and appropriating the total estimated cost of the three (3) CMAQ Projects of Ten Million One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($10,100,000.00) which includes the Vandeventer Avenue CMAQ Project estimated cost of Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,700,000.00), the West Florissant Avenue CMAQ Project estimated cost of Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,800,000.00), and the Lindell/Olive CMAQ Project estimated cost of Four Million Six Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4,600,000.00) from various sources including the Federal Highway Administration Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), the Leasehold Revenue Bond Series 2008 Fund, and the City Major Capital Fund; authorizing and directing the Comptroller of the City to draw warrants from time to time and disburse funds appropriated by this ordinance and to receive and disburse grant funds in accordance with the Transportation Equity Act of the 21st Century (23 U.S.C. 110, et seq.) upon the signature and certification of vouchers by the President of the Board of Public Service; and containing a public work emergency clause.



Session: 2008-2009

Primary Sponsors: Freeman M Bosley Sr.

Ordinance: 68207 effective 12/12/2008

Committee: Streets, Traffic and Refuse

Legislative History

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  • 11/14/2008

    First Reading

  • 11/21/2008

    Second Reading

  • 12/05/2008


  • 12/12/2008

    Third Reading


Ordinance Number: 68207

Effective Date: 12/12/2008

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