Board Bill Number 3 | Session 2009-2010

Ordinance pertaining to loitering.


BOARD BILL NO. 3 INTRODUCED BY ALDERMAN CRAIG SCHMID An ordinance repealing ordinance 61415 and enacting a new ordinance pertaining to loitering that provides for the public health, safety and welfare by prohibiting gang, prostitution and drug loitering in areas designated by the Chief of Police with notice and penalty provisions, in order to reduce gang violence (murder or attempted murder; kidnapping; assault, battery; intimidation or harassment; rape; sodomy; discharge of a firearm; carjacking; theft; robbery; burglary; possession of illegal firearm; possession of explosive or incendiary device; possession, transportation, manufacture, sale, solicitation of the sale or distribution of illegal drugs; vandalism; acts leading to the delinquency of a minor); prostitution or solicitation for prostitution; littering; obstructing, disrupting or impeding pedestrian or vehicular traffic; peace disturbance; and interference with the lawful use of the City's streets, sidewalks, alleys, parks and other public places for their intended purposes so that the public may use such places without fear and without interference with their free exercise of rights guaranteed to them by the U.S. Constitution.



Session: 2009-2010

Sponsor: Craig N Schmid

Committee: Public Safety

Legislative History

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  • 04/21/2009

    First Reading

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