Board Bills | Session 2020-2021

Legislation introduced by Aldermen in the form of bills.

31 records
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BB 14
Transfer of City Owned Property at 1100 Monroe Street and 1101 Madison Street to the St. Louis Board of Education
Tammika Hubbard
BB 24
Traffic Calming Policy
Sharon Tyus
BB 4
Rezoning of 5637 Pershing Ave.
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 8
Increasing Tax Rate for Early Childhood Services and Programming
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 12
First Supplemental Agreement to Airport Aid Agreement
Marlene E Davis
BB 20
Enacting a Curfew for Designated Parks in the 19th Ward
Marlene E Davis
BB 30
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 3603 Cass
Marlene E Davis
BB 1
The City’s Annual Budget Appropriation for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2020 and ending June 30, 2021
Lewis E Reed
BB 16
Short Term Notes
Joseph Vollmer
BB 19
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 5633 - 37 Botanical Avenue
Joseph Vollmer
BB 21
Ruggeri Place
Joseph Vollmer
BB 15
Revisions of the St. Louis City Plumbing Code
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 29
Residency of City Employees
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 2
Rezoning of 4172 and 4178 Folsom Ave.
Joseph D. Roddy
BB 3
Iron Hill Planned Unit Development District
Joseph D. Roddy
BB 31
Chapter 99 Redeveolpment Plan 1417-1433 Tower Grove Ave.
Joseph D. Roddy
BB 13
Transfer of $5,000,000.00 from the Parking Meter Fund to the General Reserve Fund of the City of St. Louis Necessitated by COVID-19
Jeffrey L Boyd
BB 23
Appropriation for payment of the operating expenses, capital equipment and improvement expenses for the Parking Division
Jeffrey L Boyd
BB 28
Expansion of the Port Authority District Boundaries
Jack Coatar
BB 22
Rezoning 1400 8th Street
Jack Coatar
BB 5
Rezoning 5165 Washington Place
Heather Navarro
BB 26
Utility Meters
Christine Ingrassia
BB 27
Third Party Food Delivery and Establishments
Christine Ingrassia
BB 6
14th Ward Liquor Control District
Carol Howard
BB 9
Revisions to the City of St. Louis Retirement System
Carol Howard
BB 10
5347 Nottingham Parking District
Carol Howard
BB 17
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan and Blighting Study for the 4500-4510 S. Kingshighway Blvd. Redevelopment Area.
Carol Howard
BB 18
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 4314 Itaska Street
Carol Howard
BB 25
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Grant
Cara Spencer
BB 11
Prohibited Actions Against Essential Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic
Bret Narayan
BB 7
Rezoning of Various Properties in Ward 3 on Stoddard, Jefferson and Gamble Streets
Brandon Bosley

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