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Resolution 1
BOA Rules 2021 - 2022 Legislative Session
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 2
Hiring of Staff
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 3
Journal of the Board of Aldermen
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 4
Expense Account and Stamps
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 5
Soulard Special Business District
Jack Coatar
Resolution 6
National Day of Loyalty
Carol Howard
Resolution 7
O’Fallon – Penrose Special Business District
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 8
Honoring Mr. Halbert Sullivan
Pam Boyd
Resolution 9
Prop S. Funding
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 10
Honoring Mr. Sam Ribaudo
Carol Howard
Resolution 11
Honoring Adam Layne
Jack Coatar
Resolution 12
Port Authority Revenue Bonds
Jack Coatar
Resolution 13
Honoring International Workers Day
Megan E.Green
Resolution 14
Recognizing Teacher Appreciation Week
Anne Schweitzer
Resolution 15
Honoring Aaron Schmerold
Joseph Vaccaro
Resolution 16
Honoring Pastor Bill Wilson
Joseph Vaccaro
Resolution 17
Honoring Alderman Larry Arnowitz
Bill Stephens
Resolution 18
Honoring Jeanine S. Arrighi
Christine Ingrassia
Resolution 19
Honoring Leon Spinks, Jr.
Dwinderlin Evans
Resolution 20
In Support of H.R. 2998 Making All Government Records Related to the COINTELPRO Public
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 21
Recognizing Maurice Bennet
Anne Schweitzer
Resolution 22
Recognizing NIKE
Pam Boyd
Resolution 23
Honoring Shelia Jones
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 24
Standing Against Anti Asian and Pacific Islander Sentiments
Bret Narayan
Resolution 25
Honoring The Reverend, Dr. Nicholas L. Grice
Lisa Middlebrook
Resolution 26
Honoring Varonda Landry
Lisa Middlebrook
Resolution 27
Recognizing That Addiction is a Health Problem
Jesse Todd
Resolution 28
Supervised Recreation
Jesse Todd
Resolution 29
Vacant Lots
Jesse Todd
Resolution 30
Honoring Otis Williams
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 31
Honoring Union Missionary Baptisit Church
Brandon Bosley
Resolution 32
Restoring City Vacant Buildings
Jesse Todd
Resolution 33
Honoring Ms. Rosa Lee baker
Tina (Sweet-T) Pihl
Resolution 34
Port Authority Participates in an Industrial Revenue Bond
Lisa Middlebrook
Resolution 35
Recognzing National Gun Violence Awareness Day
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 36
Senior Fund Budget
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 37
Honoring Dale Glass
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 38
Honoring Toni Cole
Lisa Middlebrook
Resolution 39
STC Warhouse, Inc
Dan Guenther
Resolution 40
Honoring Alana Hauk
Jack Coatar
Resolution 41
Honoring Celo Woods
Heather Navarro
Resolution 42
Honoring Etta Johnson
Jesse Todd
Resolution 43
Honoring Mr. Plunk and Mr. Jurak
Bill Stephens
Resolution 44
Honoring Reginald Holloway
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 45
Honoring the Demetrious Johnson Foundation
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 46
Honoring Firefighter Rodney L. Heard
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 47
Honoring Richard Buthod
Megan E.Green
Resolution 48
Complete Board - Ups of Vacant Buildings
Jesse Todd
Resolution 49
Honoring Roche Madden
Joseph Vaccaro
Resolution 50
Honoring Bishop Robinson
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 51
Honoring Terry Michler
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 52
Honoring Rachel Lanora Hankerson
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 53
Honoring Tina Winkler
Carol Howard
Resolution 54
Number not used this session
Resolution 55
Honoring Dr. Jonathan C. Smith
Tina (Sweet-T) Pihl
Resolution 56
Larry L. Deskins, Sr. Scholarships
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 57
Project Exemption Certificate Deli Star Corporation
Christine Ingrassia
Resolution 58
Honoring Valerie carter-Thomas
Pam Boyd
Resolution 59
Honoring Colin Murphy
Bill Stephens
Resolution 60
Honoring Stephen Acree
Christine Ingrassia
Resolution 61
South Grand CID Mayoral Appointments
Annie Rice
Resolution 62
Honoring the Honorable Hazel Erby
Pam Boyd
Resolution 63
Honoring Captain Brent Feig
Jack Coatar
Resolution 64
Honoring Rev. Dr. Antonio M. Settles
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 65
Moratorium On Opening New Schools
Jesse Todd

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