Aldermanic Committees

Aldermanic Committees

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Transportation and Commerce Committee

considers all matters pertaining to the transportation and commerce industries, including airports, railroads, wharves, ports, bridges, inter-city/state trucking, state and federal highways, public and mass transit

Committee Members

Board Bills Referred to Committee

BB83Security Access system upgrades
BB84Air service incentive authorization
BB85Air service incentive financing
BB95Metro City tax ordinance
BB975 year ABM Parking services contract
BB981st amend. for Intergovernmental agreement with BiState
BB115US Bank Concession
BB132Ordinance pertaining to rail road improvements
BB140Lease agreement with ACL Transportation
BB1438th Supplemental Appropriation to CIP Projects
BB144Emergency bldg & environs project
BB145Suppl. appropriation to the Annual Budget
BB146Transfer of funds for fire main
BB147Airfield bldg and environs project
BB148Northpark partners land sale
BB149Brownsville Int. air cargo agrmt
BB150Auto rental auth. (7 contracts)
BB1779th Supplemental Appropriation to CIP projects
BB1781st Amendment to AVEND Co. concession agreement
BB188Continental Cement Co. lease
BB204Transfer of money for rates mitigation
BB205WiFi Contract
BB206Ameren UE Substation lease
BB231Northern Tract
BB232North Park Partners contract
BB233ATM Concessions
BB241Airport refunding bonds

Resolutions Referred to Committee

There are no resolutions at this time.

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