Public Safety

Aldermanic Committees

Considers all matters pertaining to the Department of Public Safety, the Police Department, corrections, excise laws and regulations, the Fire Department, the Division of Building and Inspections and the City Emergency Management Agency.

Committee Members

Board Bills Referred to Committee

BB3Establishing a Tire Code
BB18Repealing prohibition of liquor in Ward 22
BB40Ordinance pertaining to drug related overdoses and medical assistance
BB52Prohibiting liquor in 24th Ward
BB69Short-Term Lending Code
BB70Election Approving Permit Fees for Short-Term Loan Establishments
BB151Amending Public Nuisances Code
BB179Liquor moratorium in 19th Ward
BB181Ordinance prohibiting liquor in 18th Ward
BB192Ordinance requiring reporting on solitary confinement
BB195Assault weapons ban
BB196Unattended firearms lock-up requirement and reporting of stolen firearms
BB200Repealing ordinance 69589 Liquor Moratorium in 19th Ward
BB205Ordinance establishing Building Energy Awareness
BB2592015 Fire Operation and Safety Grant
BB260Establishing charity bail fund
BB261Domestic violence leave bill
BB292Ordinance pertaining to preventing passage to and from a health care facility
BB302Municipal Court operations
BB306Ordinance amending Civilian Oversight Board
BB307Ordinance pertaining to witness tampering

Resolutions Referred to Committee

209Fiscal Year 2017 from the Public Safety Protection Sales Tax Fund (the Prop S Fund)
218The Board of Aldermen calls on the City of St. Louis to study the question of declaring itself a Sanctuary City.

About Aldermanic Committees

Aldermanic committees serve an important role in reviewing proposed legislation. 

When a bill is introduced, it is referred by the President of the Board of Aldermen to a committee tasked with reviewing bills that address that topic. Committees hold meetings and hearings at the call of their chairmen and chairwomen. 

Once a bill is "in committee," the bill can be scheduled for a public hearing by that committee, at which testimony in support of or against the bill is heard. The committee will typically hold a vote on whether to recommend that the full Board of Alderman pass the bill. 

Committees may also play a role in government oversight, and they have subpoena power pursuant to the City Charter.

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