Housing, Urban Development and Zoning Committee

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Considers all matters pertaining to housing, urban development and zoning, including the Community Development Agency and Commission, the St. Louis Development Corporation and the appropriation and disbursement of all federal monies administered by said agencies.

Upcoming Meetings

Committee Members

Board Bills Referred to Committee

Board Bills referred to this committee

Showing total board bills 59 record(s).
Board Bill Title
BB 2Medical Marijuana
BB 5Rezoning City Block 1179
BB 6Rezoning City Block 1880
BB 7Rezoning City Block 3399
BB 10Rezoning City Block 4549
BB 15Downtown Steam Distribution
BB 31City Foundry TIF - RPA 2
BB 35City Foundry Government Agreement
BB 37Port District Excluded Area
BB 38Carrie Ave Phase II Redevelopment
BB 39Amending Gate District East
BB 48Small Wireless Facilities Amend
BB 52Redevelopment Plan for 1014-18 Olive
BB 58Improvement Project for I-64/Jefferson
BB 59Tax Increment Revenue Notes for St. Louis Innovation District
BB 66An ordinance approving a Redevelopment Plan for the 1221 Locust St.
BB 69TIF Northeast Hampton/I-44 Redevelopment Project
BB 71Redevelopment Plan for 705 Olive
BB 72Redevelopment Plan for 1528-30 Locust
BB 74First Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement bwt City of St. Louis Missouri and Pace-Delmar Associates LLC
BB 84Amendment to Cooperative Agreement
BB 88Prevailing Wages
BB 90Rezoning for 1027 Geyer
BB 103Healthworks Hospital Project
BB 104Redevelopment Plan for Gravois & Morganford
BB 111An ordinance approving a Redevelopment Plan for the 4545-4559 Laclede Ave. Area
BB 1262020 Annual Action Plan
BB 127Redevelopment Plan for the West End Redevelopment Area
BB 131Zoning of Property CB 761
BB 133Zoning of Property CB 4625
BB 143Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the Washington/Vandeventer/Enright/Pendleton Redevelopment Area.
BB 145Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the Vandeventer/Finney/Washington/Taylor Redevelopment Area.
BB 155Anheuser Busch’s Soulard Brewery Complex
BB 156Expansion of St. Louis Square, Inc. operations
BB 157Tax Increment Financing for the 900 N. Tucker Redevelopment Project
BB 158Authorizing the Issuance of Revenue Notes
BB 159900 N. Tucker Blvd Redevelopment Area
BB 160Municipal Courts Building Hotel TIF Redevelopment Plan and Agreement
BB 164Eliminating the Lafayette Square Historic District and the 5700 Arsenal Special Allocation Funds
BB 165Eliminating the Hadley Dean Building Special Allocation Fund
BB 168Forest Park Transit Oriented Development Redevelopment Are
BB 169Pearl Capital Management LLC
BB 170Tax Increment Revenue Notes for the Forest Park Transit Oriented Development
BB 173Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan Goodfellow/ West Florissant Scatterd Sites
BB 177Redevelopment Plan for 5311-6123 & 5302-6122 Dr Martin Luther King
BB 178Annual TIF Bill 2019
BB 182La Saison Scatterd Sites Development Area
BB 1834500 - 4540 Swan Redevelopment Plan
BB 185North 2nd Street development Area
BB 203Redevelopment Plan for 300 North Tucker
BB 205Redevelopment Plan for 1501 South 7th Street
BB 212Rezoning of 8201 and 8221 Minnesota Avenue
BB 213Redevelopment Plan for the 4101 North Grand Blvd. Redevelopment Area
BB 214Rezoning of 4478 and 4484 Vista
BB 215Authorizes the Master Redevelopment Agreement for the Soccer Stadium Redevelopment Area
BB 216The Soccer Stadium Redevelopment Area and Plan LCRA Law
BB 221Short-Term Rental
BB 225Improvements 900 N. Tucker
BB 226Improvements to InterCo Plaza

Resolutions Referred to Committee

Resolutions referred to this committee

Showing total resolutions 5 record(s).
Resolution Title
78401 South 18th Street LLC Enterprise Zone
178Authorizing the Provision of a Project Exemption Certification in connection with a plan for Industrial Development for Square, Inc.
218Enterprise Zone- Improvements to 8221 Minnesota Ave.
219Enterprise Zone- Improvements to 5021 Benedict Ave.

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