Streets, Traffic and Refuse Committee

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Considers all matters pertaining to streets, alleys, sidewalk, traffic and signage, parking and refuse.

Upcoming Meetings

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Committee Members

Board Bills Referred to Committee

Board Bills referred to this committee

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Board Bill Title
BB 10Street Blockage Virginia Avenue and Bellerive Boulevard
BB 33Residential Parking District
BB 35Two-Way Stop at the Intersection of Clarendon Avenue and Maple Avenue
BB 36Street and Alley Vacations
BB 40 City's Traffic Calming Policy
BB 41Alley Prohibitions various Locations in the Kingsway East, Kingsway West, Penrose, Mark Twain
BB 56 Vacate a Public Alley
BB 57Conditionally Vacate 9th Street from Cole Street to Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
BB 58Parking Division Budget FY 2022
BB 59Traffic Controls 5400 - 5000 Blocks of Thrush Ave.
BB 62MSD Vacation of Essex Place for a Storm Water Detention Basin
BB 64Vacation of Water Street
BB 65MSD Vacation of Semple Avenue for a Storm Water Basin
BB 66Vacation of an Unimproved Alley
BB 67Vacation of a Portion of an Unimporved Street
BB 68Vacation of a Portion of 12th St.
BB 70Conditional Street Vacation of First Street
BB 74Street Closure - Lexington at Kingshighway
BB 75Repealing Ordinance Number 68455
BB 76Street Closure - Ashland at Marcus
BB 77Street Closure - Theodosia at Union
BB 78Street Closure - Paulian at Union
BB 79Street Closure - Cote Brilliante at Union
BB 80Street Closure- Greer Near Kingshighway
BB 83Honorary Naming of Captain David Dorn Avenue

Resolutions Referred to Committee

Resolutions referred to this committee

There are no resolutions referred to the Streets, Traffic and Refuse Committee at this time.

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