XIII: Employees of the Board - Rules of BoA

Rules covering Minimum Qualifications & Job Descriptions, Hiring Procedures, Oath or Affirmation of Employees, Complaint Procedures, Duties and Hours.

XIII. Employees of the Board

Rule 81 - Classification

The employees of the Board of Aldermen shall be allocated to the following positions: Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Executive Secretary, Secretary, Receptionist/Typist, Sergeant-at-Arms, Aldermanic Aide, Legal Intern and Counsel to the Board of Aldermen. (See Rev. Code, Sec. 3.06.100, 190, 240-290 and Sec. 4.22.010)

Rule 82 - Minimum Qualifications & Job Descriptions

The Personnel & Administration Committee shall maintain a file of job descriptions and minimum qualifications for all allocated positions of the Board of Aldermen.

Rule 83 - Hiring Procedures

  1. All employees of the Board of Aldermen, authorized by the Charter and Ordinances to be selected by the Board, shall be reappointed by a majority vote of all the members of the Board of Aldermen and such reappointment shall take place on the third Tuesday in April of each year, or as soon thereafter as possible; and such employees shall hold their offices and positions at the pleasure of the Board. (See City Charter, Art. IV, Sec. 6)

  2. The Personnel & Administration Committee shall notify each Alderman by mail of any position to be filled at least 30 days prior to the filling of said position. Any Alderman may propose a person for employment by the Board. Personnel authorized and recommended for employment shall first be examined and screened by the Personnel & Administration Committee as to general character, fitness and qualification for employment by the Board. The Personnel & Administration Committee shall recommend not more than three candidates for each position. Full description of each candidates's qualifications shall be supplied to each Board member. Fifteen votes will be required to fill any position.

  3. All new employees shall be considered probationary for the first year of employment. An evaluation of performance shall be conducted by the Personnel & Administration Committee at three, six, nine, and twelve month intervals following employment.

Rule 84 - Oath or Affirmation of Employees

The Clerk and other authorized employees shall, before entering their respective duties, take and subscribe to an oath or affirmation as set forth in Section 3 of Article VIII of the City Charter.

Rule 85 - Complaint Procedures

Complaints against any employee shall be made in writing to the Chairman of the Personnel & Administration Committee. An investigation into the complaint shall be conducted as soon as possible if approved by the Committee. The Committee shall be empowered to:

  1. Order the complaint quashed which shall be final and which action shall be reported to the Board.

  2. Report the following findings and recommendations to the Board:
         a. Discharge
         b. Suspension without pay for a period up to 30 days
         c. Official censure of record. (See Rev. Code, Sec. 3.06.120)

Rule 86 - Hours

The Office of the Clerk shall be open for the transaction of business from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except for legal holidays. All employees shall also be available for committee hearings and special meetings, as requested. All positions shall be 40 hours per week, full time positions.

Rule 87 -Duties

  1. The Clerk shall perform duties necessary to the proper functioning of the Board of Aldermen, which duties shall include, but are not limited to the following:

    a. Keep a correct, full and explicit record of proceedings of the Board. (Rev. Code, Sec. 3.06.180 A)

    b. Prepare and furnish to the newspaper doing City printing within three days after each meeting of the Board, an official abstract of its proceedings, revised by the President, for publication. (Rev. Code, Sec. 3.06.180 B)

    c. File and preserve all papers and documents relating to the business of the Board, and endorse upon same a sufficient history of all proceedings had thereon. (Rev. Code, Sec. 3.06.180 C) Maintain for one year a file of correspondence processed by the Board Office.

    d. Prepare copies of all resolutions and transmit them to persons therein designated. (Rev. Code, Sec. 3.06.180 D) See to the daily delivery of inter-office mail in City Hall.

    e. Keep in tabular form a synopsis of the proceedings of each meeting, showing the session, number and sponsor of each petition, resolution and bill presented (all of which shall be numbered by the Clerk), as well as the substance of each petition and resolution and the title of each bill, the date when the same was introduced, and of the second reading, perfection, passage or rejection at third reading, enrollment, and approval or veto of the registered bill number. The Clerk shall also keep the reference of all documents, to whom referred and when reported, together with such other of the proceedings, if any, of which it may be deemed necessary to preserve a brief history and to furnish an index thereto; all of which shall be, at the expiration of each term, printed for the use of the members of the Board of Aldermen and City Officers. (Rev. Code, Sec. 3.06.180 E)

    f. Make requisitions, as described by ordinance for requisition for such articles as are required in the department under his charge, shall make out payrolls of members and officers of the Board of Aldermen and the Employees under the Board, and shall certify in proper form all vouchers drawn on the respective funds. (Rev. Code, Sec. 3.06.180 F)

    g. Perform other duties appertaining to his/her office as may be required of him or her or as may be necessary to systematize the business and promote the efficiency thereof. (Rev. Code, Sec. 3.06.180 G)

    h. Prepare and post for each bill introduced, the time, date and place of the Committee meeting or public hearing at which such bill will be discussed as per Rule 25.

    i. Supervise the preparation of material in Perfection and Third Reading Calendar binders, as well as the meeting agenda.

    j. Be responsible for coordinating all Board Bill preparation. Perform other duties as required by the President of the Board of Aldermen or other Aldermen with regard to Board functions.

    k. Supervise the activities of those employees of the Board of Aldermen specified in Rule 81, under the direction of the Personnel & Administration Committee.

    l. As requested by the Personnel & Administration Committee, develop job descriptions for Board Employees and establish an evaluation procedure for job performance.

    m. Develop work schedules, compensatory time controls and vacation schedules and keep log of same for each employee. Amount of vacation time shall be comparable to other city employees.

    n. Prior to the convening of every annual session of the Board of Aldermen the Clerk shall prepare a list of all reports required by Ordinance or Resolution to be made to the Board during the coming session and distribute a copy of that list to each member of the Board at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the session. Said list shall briefly describe each report, the date said report is to be submitted to the Board, the approximate date it will be available and the number of the Ordinance or Resolution requiring said report.

    o. The Clerk is and shall be the official repository of all reports and records of the Board of Aldermen and shall maintain a file of said reports and records as required by law.

  2. The Assistant Clerk shall perform such duties as he/she shall be directed to perform by the Clerk of the Board of Aldermen and shall act, in case of the absence, disability or failure of the Clerk to act. (Rev. Code, Sec. 3.06.190)

  3. The Executive Secretary to the Board of Aldermen shall primarily be assigned to serve as Confidential Secretary to the Vice-President of the Board of Aldermen, Majority Floor Leader, Minority Floor Leader, Assistant Majority Floor Leader, the Clerk of the Board of Aldermen and shall perform such other and additional duties under the direction of the Clerk as deemed necessary and appropriate. (See Ordinance 68057)

  4. It shall be the duty of the Sergeant-at-Arms to attend all meetings of the Board of Aldermen, to take care of the chamber and perform other duties as the Board of Aldermen shall require by rule or otherwise. (Rev. Code, Sec. 3.06.250)

  5. The Office of Counsel to the Board of Aldermen, shall be engaged by an attorney, licensed to practice before the highest court in this State, and shall have graduated from an accredited law school located within the United States of America. The Counsel to the Board of Aldermen, shall handle the legal matters of the Board, such special projects as requested, which duties shall include but are limited to representing the Board and its members in litigation and such other special duties and assignments as shall be authorized. The Personnel Committee of the Board shall review the areas of endeavor requested of its Counsel. (Rev. Code, Sec. 3.02.280 & 290)

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