XI: Resolutions - Rules of BoA

Rules covering Introduction Requirements, First and Second Readings, and Committee Reports After Investigations.

XI. Resolutions

Rule 75 - Introduction Requirements

Each Resolution shall be introduced by a member or members of the Board and must be delivered to the Clerk of the Board of Aldermen in a manner prescribed by the Clerk, on or before 2:00 p.m. on the second day before the date on which the said Resolution is to be formally introduced (e.g., Wednesday for Friday meetings).

Rule 75A - Form

Resolutions shall be numbered sequentially each session by the Clerk. The following words shall be inserted at the end of each Resolution introduced to the Board:

``Introduced on the ____ day of _____________, ___________ by:

The Honorable _______________, Alderman ____ Ward

Adopted this ___________ day of ____________, ______________,as attested by:

___________ __________________Clerk President''

Rule 76 - First Reading

  1. Before any Resolution may be read or voted upon, a copy of said Resolution shall be placed on the desk of each member.

  2. The principal sponsor has the right and privilege to have any such Resolution formally read by the Clerk in open session prior to any request for unanimous consent, motion to suspend Rules, motion to refer to Committee,or consideration of the Resolution.

  3. Unless the principal sponsor of a Resolution receives unanimous consent or suspends the Rules on the date of its first reading, a Resolution must be referred to a Committee or withdrawn; it may not be placed on the Resolutions-Informal Calendar. If unanimous consent is granted, the Resolution may then be considered or deferred as provided in Rule 78.

Rule 77 - Reference to Committee

Except for those Resolutions receiving unanimous consent, a Resolution shall be assigned to the Resolutions Committee, or to such other Committee approved by the Board after the Resolution is first read. No Committee shall undertake any action proposed in a Resolution until such Resolution has been adopted by the Board pursuant to Rule 78. Where the application is appropriate, general Committee procedures for bills, including the procedure for discharge from Committee (Rule 58), shall also apply to Resolutions.

Rule 78 - Second Reading, Committee Reports and Adoption

  1. After a Resolution is considered for adoption by a Committee and its report to the Board of Aldermen on the Resolution (or the Resolution As Amended or the Committee Substitute Resolution) is DO PASS or WITHOUT RECOMMENDATION, said report shall be placed on the Board's next agenda for consideration under Item 19, "Second Reading of Resolutions, Committee Reports and Adoption" in the same manner as bills, for example:

    ``W&M Res. #201 - Smith, Approval of 1989 Budget for Crossroads Business District.''

  2. If, however, said committee report is DO NOT PASS, said report shall be placed on the Board's agenda under Item 10, ``Resolutions - Informal Calendar'' as above with the notation ``(DO NOT PASS)'' and Rule 63 notwithstanding, shall not be thereafter considered except as provided in Rule 62.3.

  3. The Clerk shall see that each member has a copy of any Resolution at the time it is to be considered for Second Reading and Adoption.

  4. As is the case for bills, the applicable Committee Chairman is not formally recognized to give the Committee Report. The principal sponsor of the Resolution shall move for its adoption or may place the Resolution on the Resolutions-Informal Calendar pursuant to Rule 63.

  5. Resolutions may be amended on the floor of the Board by a majority of the members present. Amendments shall be presented to the Clerk of the Board in writing in the form prescribed by Rule 36, if requested by any member. The principal sponsor of a Resolution shall move for adoption of said Resolution after all amendments have been considered and said Resolution shall be adopted if it receives the affirmative vote of a majority of all the members of the Board.

Rule 78A - Committee Reports After Investigations

  1. If after a Resolution is adopted, said Resolution directs a further report from a particular Committee and said Committee has met and adopted any subsequent report, that report shall also be placed on the Board's next agenda for consideration under Item 19 as follows:

    ``Report of the Ways & Means Committee pursuant to Res. #89, pertaining to the Health Department.''

  2. The Committee Chairman shall move for the adoption of the Committee Report or may place the report on the Resolutions-Informal Calendar in the same manner as provided in Rules 78 and 63.

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