IX: Voting Procedure - Rules of BoA

Rules covering aldermanic voting procedures.

IX. Voting Procedure

Rule 41 - Voting Mandatory

Every member present in the Chamber shall vote aye, no, present or abstain on each question stated by the President.

Rule 42 - Crossing or Leaving the Chamber Prohibited, When

No member shall cross or leave the Chamber while the President is putting a question.

Rule 43 - Private Interest Prohibited, Unless

No member shall be permitted to vote on any issue or serve on any Committee when the matter under consideration involves in any way the private interest as distinguished from the public interest of such member without first disclosing to the other members of the Board in public session any private interest which he/she may have. Any such disclosure shall be presented to the Clerk in writing, entered into the minutes and reported in the Journal. In addition, all members shall comply with the requirements of Ordinance 62391, Section 105.454 RSMo and all other state law governing official conduct. (See Appendix T)

Rule 44 - Division of the Question

If the question under consideration contains several distinct propositions, any member may request division of the question so that each proposition may be considered separately when the sense of the question admits it.

Rule 45 - Record of Voting

In all cases when a motion is entered into the minutes the name of the member moving the same shall be entered also. If any member requests it, the yeas and nays on any question shall be taken and entered into the minutes, but the yeas and nays shall not be taken unless called for previous to the vote on the question. The vote on final passage of all bills, on reconsideration of a bill returned by the Mayor and on discharge of a bill from Committee shall, however, be taken by yeas and nays and shall be entered into the minutes and reported in the Journal.(See City Charter, Art. IV, Sec. 14 & 18)

Rule 46 - Roll Call Procedures

Upon every roll call the names of members shall be called sequentially by Ward number with the President of the Board of Aldermen called last. After the roll has been called, the Clerk shall call in the same order the names of those not voting. Members appearing after the second call, but before the result is announced by the Clerk may vote. Before the result of a vote has been finally and conclusively announced by the President, but not thereafter, a member may change his/her vote, and a member who has answered ``present''may vote ``yea'' or nay''.

Rule 47 - Right of Member to Explain Vote

Any Alderman voting on any subject may have an explanation of his vote entered in the Journal, if the explanation would have been admissible in the discussion of the subject. The said explanation shall be in writing and shall be presented to the Clerk before the end of the meeting at which the vote is cast.

Rule 48 - Reconsideration

A vote or question may be reconsidered at any time during the same meeting or at the first regular meeting held thereafter, but not otherwise. A motion for reconsideration being once made, and voted upon, shall not be renewed, nor shall the vote to reconsider be reconsidered. A motion to reconsider shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of all the members of the Board for its adoption. Such a motion can only be made by a member who voted with the prevailing side on the original motion.

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