Assessor's Office - Personal Property Section

"...tangible personal property shall be assessed annually at the assessment which commences on the first day of January" (RSMo 137.080)

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Statement of Non-Assessment (Tax Waiver)

You must visit the Assessor’s Office in person to obtain the tax waiver. You will qualify for a tax waiver if you are a new resident to the State of Missouri or did not own a motor vehicle on January 1st of the prior calendar year and have no tax delinquency. You will need to present the current motor vehicle title or registration receipt for each motor vehicle along with current driver’s license or state ID.

Personal Property Bill Amount or Paid Personal Property Tax Receipt

Personal property tax receipts are not available online.

To inquire about the amount of your personal property tax bill or to obtain a receipt of your paid property tax bill (current or past years) contact the Collector of Revenue's Office at 314-622-4105 or 314-622-4108.

Important Numbers for Personal Property

  • Individual Personal Property - (314) 622-4171  and E-mail
  • Corporate Personal Property - (314) 622-4181 and E-mail

Fax Number

  • (314) 622-4695


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