Personal Property Tax

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Personal Property Tax

The Personal Property Tax Department of the Collector of Revenue collects taxes on all motorized vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles. The value of your personal property is assessed by the Assessor's Office.

The Personal Property Tax Department can print duplicate personal property tax bills and duplicate tax receipts and assists taxpayers with their inquiries pertaining to personal property tax bills. 


Statement of Non-Assessment (Tax Waiver) 

You must visit the Assessor's Office in person to obtain the tax waiver. You will qualify for a tax waiver if you are a new resident to the State of Missouri or did not own a motor vehicle on January 1st of the prior calendar year and have no tax delinquency. You will need to present the current motor vehicle title or registration receipt for each motor vehicle along with current driver's license or state ID. 


  • Contact the Collector of Revenue office for Tax Bills
  • Contact the Assessor's Office for statements and waivers

What to Expect

  • Receipt of payment.
  • When personal property taxes are delinquent, the Collector of Revenue files suit in the Circuit Court. Court costs and attorney's fees are assessed against the account as dictated by Missouri Statute.  
  • The declaration form is due by April 1st.  If you fail to file your declaration form with the Assessor's Office or the form is filed late, you will be assessed a 10% penalty.


Collector of Revenue

(314) 622-4111

1200 Market, Room 110
St. Louis, Mo 63103

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Contact the Collector of Revenue

Assessor's Office: Personal Property Assessment and Records

(314) 622-4171

1200 Market St
Room 115
St. Louis, Mo 63103

8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday

Contact the Assessor's Office: Personal Property Assessment and Records

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