Business License Forms and Applications

The License Collector's Office provides all office forms and applications for taxpayers to download for their convenience.

For your convenience, we have provided a listing of applications and other forms in PDF format.  

Below you will find the listings which may be used to access the printable PDF application or form by clicking on the application or form name.  

We hope this is a useful tool that helps in expediting the licensing process.  There are various types of applications and forms, so take the time to look through them carefully in order to select the right application(s) and/or form(s) that apply to your business.



 Amusement Tax Quarterly Reporting Form: 5%

L416401 / L416402 / L416403 / L416404 L416405 / L416406 / L416407 / L416408  

 Graduated Business License Application L421408
                 Towing/Wrecker Business  
 Towing Checklist & Wrecker Application  
 Graduated Towing License Application L422207
                      Parking Lot/Garage  
 New Public Garage/Parking Lot Application  
 Gross Receipts Tax Report: Public  Garage/Parking Lots L421431
 New Restaurant - Registration Form  
 Gross Receipts Tax Report: Restaurant L416902
                   Home Based Business  
 Guidelines for Home Occupation Licensing  
 Home Occupation Business License Application L421300
 Miscellaneous License Application (Auto Dealer Tags)  L421401
 Ordinance 67909 Addendum Form  
 Secondhand Dealer / Resale Purchase Form  
 Affidavit of Exemption for Workers' Compensation Insurance  
 Miscellaneous License Application (Cigarette Tax .07) L414201
 Miscellaneous License Application (Cigarette Tax .0875) L414202
 Miscellaneous License Application (Coin Operated Amusement) L421705
 Miscellaneous License Application (Coin Operated Service) L421410
 Miscellaneous License Application (Coin Operated Vending) L421413
 Miscellaneous License Application (Convention and Tourism Tax, Quarterly) L416900
 Miscellaneous License Application (Hotel/Motel Sales Tax, Monthly) L416901
 Miscellaneous License Application (Hotel/Motel Room Tax, Yearly) L421422
 Graduated Manufacturer License Application L421447
 2010 Manufacturers' Property Declaration L421498
 Miscellaneous License Application (Cherokee Special Tax District) L586000
 Miscellaneous License Application (Cherokee-Lemp Special Tax District) L639570
 Miscellaneous License Application (Festival Vendor) L421600
 Miscellaneous License Application (Festival Vendor Employee Badge) L421602
 Miscellaneous License Application (Itinerant Vendor) L421613
 Miscellaneous License Application (Sidewalk Vendor) L421603
 Miscellaneous License Application (Sidewalk Vendor Employee Badge) L421605
 Miscellaneous License Application (Vehicle Vendor) L421604
 Miscellaneous License Application (Vehicle Vendor Employee Badge) L421605


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