Garden Location 4537 TOWER GROVE PL

Millkweeds for Monarchs Garden

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Neighborhood: Southwest Garden

Garden planter: Adults

Approximate planting date: 05/08/2017

Type of property: Home

Contains Milkweed Plant: Yes

Plants: Overall the my Missouri native flower and butterfly garden is 25'x15', the milkweed intensive area is roughly 5'x8'. I have A. curassavica (5), A. incarnata (3), A. syriaca (3), A. tuberosa (3), and A. viridis (2) in addition to false blue indigo, coreopsis, echinacea, black eyed susans, texas green eyes, new england asters, smooth asters, goldenrod, prairie blazing star, callirhoe, globe amaranth, st. john's wort, and many others but that are less important to butterflies. I only use organic soils and fertilizers and never use herbicide or pesticides.

Contains nectar sources: Has plants with nectar sources

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