Garden Location 11 N 4TH ST

Millkweeds for Monarchs Garden

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Neighborhood: Downtown

Garden planter: Adults

Organization or group: NPS

Approximate planting date: 05/31/2017

Type of property: Community facility

Contains Milkweed Plant: Yes

Plants: 2 acre meadow of Side Oats Gama, Prairie Dropseed, and Little Bluestem surrounding another quarter acre of: Achillea millefolium Allium canadense Anemone Canadensis Artemisia lodoviciana Aster oblongifolius Bidens aurea Camassia scilloides Chelone glabra Chelone obliqua Dalea purpurea Echinacea angustifolia Erigeron pulchellus Liatris scariosa Liatris spicata Phlox divartica Polemonium reptans Scutellaria incana Solidago flexicaulis Solidago rigida Asclepias tuberosa

Contains nectar sources: Has plants with nectar sources

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