Garden Location 4546 EICHELBERGER ST

Millkweeds for Monarchs Garden

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Neighborhood: Bevo Mill

Garden planter: Adults

Approximate planting date: 04/01/2017

Type of property: Home

Contains Milkweed Plant: Yes

Plants: Front yard has two small native gardens on each side of the porch. 4ft x 6ft (west)- -Blue false indigo (4) -Common milkweed (5) -New England Aster (5) -Hydrangea (1) 3ft x 12ft (east) -Ohio spiderwort (5) -American beautyberry (1) -River oats (3) -Black-eyed Susan (5) -Prairie blazing star (6) -Eastern red columbine (4) -Prairie dock (1) -Smooth aster (3) -New England aster (5) -Butterfly milkweed -Beardtongue (3) -Eastern redbud (1) Backyard has a small area along the fence line with the following and plans for expansion each planting season. -Eastern blazing star (2) -Rattlesnake master (1) -New England aster (1) -Cliff goldenrod (1) -Rough-leaved dogwood (1) Back alley has two areas both which were seeded with the STL Milkweed for Monarch mix in winter of 2016/2017. In addition to the seeding, the following plants were installed in each area. 7ft x 7ft (east) – -Gray-headed coneflower (4) -Prairie blazing star (2) 7ft x 7ft (west) -Eastern redbud (1)

Contains nectar sources: Has plants with nectar sources

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