Statement on Pending Announcement of Stockley Verdict

by Mayor Lyda Krewson

Mayor Krewson's statement

Good morning. And thank you for listening.

We are now aware that the judge may issue an order in the pending Stockley case in the next day or so. I want to let you know what I know.   

I don't know exactly when the order will come, and I don’t know what the order will say.

I do know that there continues to be a lot of anxiety and worry about the decision  -  and its potential impact on each of us and our city.

Chief Lawrence O’Toole and the police department have done extensive training and planning for the potential reactions to the order. These plans include cooperation and support from St. Louis County Police, the State Highway Patrol, and the governor's office.

The police dept will  establish an area in Poelker Park - ­at Tucker & Market - for people who want to exercise their right to free speech. Protest is a cornerstone of our democracy.

That said, law enforcement will do its job and follow proper protocols to stop unlawful behavior and de-escalate situations as needed. Anyone intent on violence or vandalism toward people or property will be arrested. These actions will be implemented in order to keep everyone safe.

As I’ve stated before, we may not understand our neighbors, our friends or even our family member’s reactions, but it is up to each of us to try.

To be clear: that is not condoning physical harm to others, destruction, or violence. It should not be difficult to both understand and support the right to free speech - and be clear that those who commit violent or destructive acts will face consequences. Law enforcement will take action for the few who chooses a violent or destructive path.

Thank you for listening – my thoughts are with all St. Louisans.

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