How to Request a Prosecutor's Recommendation

These are the procedures that should be followed by attorneys seeking to obtain a recommendation in a case from the City Counselor.


The City Counselor's Office would like to save attorneys time, administrative costs, paper, envelopes and postage, which will in turn save the City Counselor's office valuable time.

E-mail requests for recommendations

Requests for recommendations may be emailed directly to the City Counselor's office at:

The recommendation will be emailed back to you in the in the form of a .pdf which may be printed out or emailed to your client.

Please note that:

  • The City Counselor's office does not cancel warrants. You must still submit warrant recalls to the court.
  • Please submit compliance, if any, as an attachment to an e-mail request.
  • For example, if the charge is no insurance, please attach proof of current insurance.
  • You do not need to send a driving record.
  • Requests for recommendations sent by fax are highly disfavored, and will normally be disregarded.
  • You do not need to send individual requests. If you have multiple clients, make a list in the following format:


i.e., Joe Blow, 190734578 Speeding (55/35)
       Joe Blow, 190734579 Failure to Provide Insurance - after acquired
       insurance attached
       Joe Blow 190734580 Driving while suspended - reinstated
       Sally Smith 2000776788 General peace disturbance

The City Counselor will not make recommendations in

  • nuisance charges
  • housing court cases, or
  • trash related cases. 

Requests for recommendation should not be sent or faxed to the court, to the court administrator’s office or to the courtroom coordinator. The court administrator, the courtroom coordinator, and the court will not forward any requests for recommendation to the City Counselor. Such requests will not be processed.

If you need to discuss a case, call Richard Sykora at (314) 657-1841.

No More Requests Using 

The City Court and City Counselor's Office NO LONGER utilize 

Recommendations by Mail

We will continue to process your U.S. mail requests if all of the following requirements are satisfied. However, it will take longer.

Recommendations By Mail Requirements

You will NOT receive a recommendation by mail if ANY of the following is not complied with:

  1. To obtain a recommendation by mail, counsel should file an entry of appearance with the court. 
  2. Counsel should then send a copy of the entry along with a request for recommendation to: 
City Counselor’s Office
1520 Market, Rm. 1062
St. Louis, MO 63103

The recommendation request must be postmarked at least 14 days prior to the next court date. 


will not respond to any recommendation request failing to comply with all of the above.

In some cases the City Counselor may decline to make an out of court recommendation and require an appearance in court to obtain a recommendation.  This will ordinarily be the case when there is a motor vehicle collision involved or in more serious traffic cases or non-traffic cases.

The City Counselor's Office will not convey any continuance request to the court.

All court sessions will be virtual until further notice due to COVID-19

Whenever possible, you should request all recommendations through the online electronic alternative out of court methods before the scheduled session.

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