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Information on Warrant Reset, also known as Court Amnesty


From time to time the court will sponsor or participate in amnesty programs that will allow defendants to obtain warrant cancellations and new court dates without posting a cash bond.

The purpose of these programs is to allow persons with outstanding warrants an opportunity to resolve their outstanding charges without fear of arrest on city charges and without the expense of posting a cash bond.

Amnesty programs are publicly announced when they occur, and you should follow any rules announced as part of an amnesty program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Warrant Reset?

Outstanding warrants for non-violent crimes are a barrier to those looking to work, raise a family and live in our city. Warrant reset is a proactive, limited-time program to prevent residents facing minor charges from being arrested.

During the reset program, the court will cancel your outstanding municipal court traffic and non-traffic warrants and reinstate your cases on a docket for hearing and disposition with no cash bond required and no questions asked. You will not be arrested. Take note: Warrant reset is not an automatic outright dismissal of your charges.

I have active bench warrants in state court or in other cities. Will you arrest me on those warrants if I come to City Court for Amnesty? 

No. City Court will not arrest anyone who comes in during Warrant Reset Days.

Which government entities are participating in Warrant Reset Days?

When and where are Warrant Reset Days?

Warrant Reset Days and our Pop-Up City Hall are in-person:

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How do I know if my case is eligible for warrant reset?

Municipal Court: All cases in warrant status that are pending in City Municipal Court are eligible during warrant reset days subject only to these conditions:  

  1. Cases that are not in warrant status and have current court dates are not included in the program.
  2. Cases that have fines assessed with unpaid balances will be eligible for a warrant reset without posting a bond. They will be assigned to warrant reset payment sessions. If the defendant does make a partial payment in any dollar amount when the warrant is canceled, the defendant will be reinstated on a $50.00 payment plan and will be given a payment date 30 days or more in the future. If no payment is made when the warrant is canceled, the warrant reset payment session will be in two weeks.
  3. Requests for community service in lieu of payment, or for adjustments to the payment plan, may be presented to the court at the warrant reset session.

Circuit Court: To determine if your Circuit Court warrant is eligible for reset, call 314-641-8214.

What will happen during a Warrant Reset Session?

The goal of warrant reset is to try to reach a final resolution on your charges and warrants to prevent you from being arrested or spending time in jail. 

When you attend your warrant reset session, the judge will review open charges with you. If you wish to do so, a city counselor, acting as the prosecutor, will be available to you to discuss options for the resolution of your charges.

Do I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to take part in warrant reset?

No, but vaccination remains the best way to protect against hospitalization and illness.

What do I need to bring with me for Warrant Reset? 

  • Photo ID: A valid Driver’s License, Non-Driver’s License, or CDL is required.
  • A valid email address, if you have one. Please come, even if you cannot provide an email address.

Not required but helpful items to bring:

  • Proof of insurance and/or restitution will be helpful.
    • If you have a charge of driving without proof of insurance or leaving the scene of an accident, or a moving violation charge that involves a motor vehicle collision, you should bring proof of any insurance that covered you at the time you received the ticket.
    • If you were not covered by insurance when you received the ticket, bring proof of your current insurance.
  • Other evidence to the court for your warrant reset session.
    Provide the customer service clerks with your proof when you are at the window. They will be able to scan your proof to your file and the judge and the city counselor will be able to see a copy on the computer system in the courtroom. That will expedite the handling of your case in the courtroom.

What are the COVID-19 guidelines for this event? 

All participants must properly wear a mask while inside the building.

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