Applying To: Government Services Analyst (Assessor's Office Modeler/Statistician)

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Dear applicants, in order to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Recruitment and Examination Section is suspending all written tests, performance tests and oral interviews until further notice. These examination components are being replaced with experience and training evaluations, which do not require physical contact. Please fully describe all of your qualifying education, training and experience on your applications. Thank you. The safety of all of our staff and applicants is our priority as we continue with our efforts to conduct merit based testing for staffing the City's Civil Service.


  • Minimum: $54,860.00
  • Maximum: $85,904.00

Nature of Work

Incumbents in this position perform technical work to develop and maintain valuation models for defining, measuring and analyzing mass appraisal techniques for the valuation of property for achieving greater operational efficiency and delivery of services. Duties include: using Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) software for multiple regression, geographic attribute weighted regression, non-linear, or other advanced modeling techniques; developing mathematical coefficients for application within the CAMA system using models to achieve reliable value estimates; analyzing large datasets and determining statistically significant stratifications of data for use in property valuation analyses and running statistical analyses with R, SAS, SPSS and other statistical software.

For an additional description of this position, please refer to the classification specification for Government Services Analyst

Minimum Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Systems, Business or Public Administration,  or a related field; plus two years of experience conducting statistical research, data analysis and/or other advanced modeling techniques in order to streamline operations for increasing efficiency/productivity. OR an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.

Documentation of academic credentials must be submitted upon request.

DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS:  Previous business analyst/process improvement experience in property appraisal/valuation or a related field.

When completing the application, please be as thorough as possible when describing your experience, training and education relating to this position. Your experience and training will be used to determine whether you meet the entrance requirements for this position and to compute your Experience and Training evaluation. Applicants must provide explanation for all changes in employment and any gaps in their employment history on the application. Incomplete and/or carelessly completed applications will not be considered.  Resumes will not be accepted as a substitute to a fully completed application.

VETERANS PREFERENCE POINTS: To be eligible for veteran's preference points, the applicant must submit a copy of his/her DD214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty with the Employment Application.  The Director of Personnel may, in his discretion, accept alternate documentation.

Last Date For Filing Application Is October 02, 2020

Examination Components and Their Weights

  • Experience and Training: 100%

No waiver of the Residency Requirement will be granted.

O.C. 3141
September 02, 2020
1625-16G (No Wav)

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