Q&A for Business Services Staffing RFP

Questions and Answers for Business Services Staffing RFP

  • What is the current structure for these services? The Business Services Team currently has one manager, one administrative assistant, and three Business Services Representatives. The manager handles management and supervision duties as well as the duties of a Business Services Representative in working with companies to promote the programs and services of SLATE’s WIA programs (duties of the BSRs referenced in the RFP). These staff work at the SLATE Downtown location but meet with both locations’ Skills and Jobs Teams on a regular basis to ensure they are recruiting for current job seekers, as well as discuss other information. The Manager reports to the SLATE Deputy Director, and works in close conjunction with the Executive Director.
  • What was the allocated budget for the last program year for these services? There was no separate Business Services Staffing contract. We do not have an allocated budget—we are looking for the best proposals, and cost is a major factor.
  • Under the FUNCTIONAL SUPERVISOR section of the RFP, it states that personnel matters will be the responsibility of the contractor with input from the functional supervisor. Can a percentage of the local managers time (the contractor) be charged back to the contract to deal with such matters? Yes, the local manager’s time can be charged to the contract.

  • Is there an allowable profit percentage?  If so, what is it? There is a 10 percent maximum administrative cost percentage.

  • The project reflects the need for 5 staff, what is the total allowable budget? There is no specific budget—cost is one of the factors we are rating in the proposals and we are looking for appropriate/best costs.

  • Page 3 under Cost Limitations and General Information, it states “The City of St. Louis reimburses contractors generally on a monthly basis.”  Does this indicate Net 30 terms upon submission of an invoice? No, the City of St. Louis does not pay Net 30 terms.

  • Should program funds discontinue for any reason, can outstanding invoices or pending invoice submissions expect to be paid? Yes, pending invoices (not obligations) would be reimbursed.

  • What are the weekly and/or monthly reporting requirements for this program? Staffing contracts have no weekly/monthly reporting requirements at this time.

  • Please describe your documentation requirements for administrative costs? Initially, a contractor needs to submit a cost allocation plan that supports the percentages they will use in determining costs for any and all administrative costs, as well as a spreadsheet showing what they are charging and the percentages.  This would include positions, total salaries, other approved expenses and the percentages charged. 
    After the initial setup, submitted invoices must include back-up documentation such as copies of canceled checks and/or payroll service records for salaries, and similar back-up documentation for other expenses.

  • What are the pay rates of the current Business Services staff? Current salaries are:  Manager--$54,400.00; Business Services Representative--$42,000 (average); Administrative Assistant--$32,000

  • What are the exact payment terms upon invoice submission if not Net 30? The City does not have any payment terms. Invoices are submitted and paid. In addition, the initial period of reimbursement from the time of the contract start is approximately three months due to the City’s contract approval process. Reimbursements should be made on a monthly basis after that.

  • Is profit considered 100% administrative, or may it be pro-rated between administrative and program costs, at the rate of all other costs combined? We will allow up to 4% of the amount remaining after Administrative percentage is deducted for profit. For example, if your bid is $100 and you take a 10% Administrative cost, you may claim 4% of the $90 remaining, as profit ($3.60).

  • How do teams work with improving statewide initiatives? Our performance is based on Common Measures. Under the NGCC process everyone who comes into the center is registered. We are measured on those individuals that enter employment and those that stay employed. Since this is a staffing contract we are more focused on those that can do the job of working with the clients rather than on performance measures, although that is a factor we need to consider.

  • How many hours of management time are expected to be used meeting with the Deputy Director and other staff on a weekly basis? We ask that a decision-making manager be present at the Downtown Career Center one day a week, normally Wednesdays, and other times on an as-requested basis.

  • Regarding the current staff, what is the current burden being charged for benefits? The current benefit rate is 38.79% for full time staff

  • Regarding the current staff, what are the current benefits being provided? The current benefits are retirement, social security, medicare, insurance (medical, dental, life and long-term disability with dependent coverage), vacation liability, worker’s compensation, tuition waivers, unemployment insurance, liability insurance, parking.

  • Are the current staff permanent employees of the Community College or are they temporary associates working through the college but being “payrolled” through an outside staffing organization? Current staff are full-time temporary workers of St. Louis Community College who sign a year to year contract, due to the nature of WIA funding. 

  • Question 10 asks for the past 4 year record of lawsuits, grievances, etc - but it states 2007-2010. I suspect this is leftover from a previous RFP and should be updated to 2009-2012? You are correct. The years should be 2009-2012.

  • Question 9 asks for a list of contracts (WIA or other) that were either not renewed or terminated since July 1, 2008. Is this the correct date, or do you only want a list from July 1, 2010? You are correct. Please give a list since 2010.

  • In the Q&A for the Business Services RFP, the averaged current salary for the Business Services Representatives is stated as $42,000. Does this number include fringe costs, administration, and other costs, or would those be in addition to that amount? If it’s not included, and fringe is at an estimated at 16,291 per staff member (at the stated 38.79% rate), plus (just for example) 10% administration, that would actually put the total budgeted cost per Business Services Representative at around $62,500. We’re assuming that it isn’t included in the $42,000 average, but we wanted to clarify. The $42,000 amount is the base salary and does not include any other costs. 

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