Missouri Division of Employment Security Warns Unemployment Claimants

Scam website charges $40 fee for filing unemployment claim

December 9, 2011 | 2 min reading time

This article is 11 years old. It was published on December 9, 2011.

The Department of Labor and Economic Development (DOLIR)/Division of Employment Security (DES), is advising the public about websites that scam Missouri job seekers into paying a fee to file an unemployment claim. DES says that there is never a charge to file a claim for unemployment benefits if accessed through its official site www.moclaim.mo.gov. DES reminds claimants that unfortunately, it is not able to reimburse anyone who lost money by using other websites.

The new site, www.moclaim.mo.gov, was created two years ago to deter websites who took advantage of unemployed workers by offering to file a claim for unemployment benefits for a fee. They use IP addresses very similar to the address of than official site and trick workers needing to file for unemployment benefits into thinking they are using the official site. Once the claimants complete registration, they are asked to pay a fee (sometimes up to $40).

Even though DES is aware of the websites taking advantage of the unemployed workers, it can do nothing about them. All claimants are encouraged to make sure they use the correct IP address, www.moclaim.mo.gov, not a .com site. Alternately, they can access the correct Unemployment Insurance link from the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment's website.

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