OJT Offers Businesses A Successful Growth Strategy

SLATE conducts On-The-Job Training to help employers of all sizes find the right person

June 6, 2013 | 2 min reading time

This article is 9 years old. It was published on June 6, 2013.

On the Job Training (OJT) is a proven and effective incentive. It gives employers the opportunity to receive a temporary, federally‐funded subsidy for up to 50 percent of all wages in the first six months of employment for each jobseeker they hire into a full time, permanent position. Last September, SLATE announced the creation of a new OJT Coordinator position to facilitate these agreements and reach out to area employers and jobseekers. SLATE is proud to report that in response, our OJT program has received an enormous outpouring of praise and support from the St. Louis business community.

OJT is often described as a win-win, helping employers reduce costs while giving jobseekers access to quality opportunities. The CEO of IDC Projects told us that "Due to the benefits of the OJT program, we have been able to comfortably train [our current Creative Director] into the valuable asset he is today." The HR Department of Lloyd Industries, Inc. likewise wrote in appreciation of the program's advantages: "We are only as good as the people we are able to employ. The OJT program has aided us in being able to bring in employees with potential and have the monetary support to see them through their learning curves."

Beyond the cost savings aspect of OJT, it has also become apparent that many businesses find the program to be an efficient resource in matching individuals with specific positions. "We have three fantastic employees that we would not have found had we not engaged the OJT program for our company," the Sr. Director of Organizational Effectiveness at Swiss-American, Inc., a local distributor of imported and domestic cheeses, declared in writing.

Once an OJT contract is signed, it is important to follow up with companies to ensure that all procedures are followed correctly. SLATE received praise on this phase of the process as well: "Once the OJT Training was implemented it left an array of questions and concerns which were all addressed by this team in an appropriate manner. [SLATE] is definitely an asset to numerous businesses in our region," stated the HR Manager at Behavioral Health Response.

Companies of all sizes expressed their strong preference for continued or increased funding for On the Job Training. "The only way we will grow our economy and improve our communities is by putting people back to work and the OJT program is doing this every day," stated one, while another told us that as they grow, "we intend on using the SLATE OJT program to hire most of our new employees."

Private businesses or non-profit organizations interested in taking advantage of these training funds to hire new staff should contact Joel Reinert, SLATE's OJT Coordinator, at 314-657-3503 or jreinert@stlworks.com.

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