Outdoor Recreation Products

A list of organizations that sell reused and recycled outdoor recreation products, such as bicycle racks, sleeping bags, tennis balls, etc.

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The City of St. Louis offers this list of retailers, which is not inclusive, to help citizens buy recycled.  The City does not endorse any of these businesses or services.  Space does not allow us to include all stores and products that may be applicable to this list.  The variety and availability of these products in stores may change at anytime.  Companies located within the City of St. Louis are noted with an image of the Arch, while companies located in Missouri are marked with the State silhouette.

Berkley Conservation Institute - Fish-Hab
Web:  www.berkley-fishing.com
  • Products Available:  "...artificial, underwater habitat structure made of used and recycled monofilament fishing line and spools, along with other post-consumer materials like milk cartons and soft drink bottles."
Web:  www.stlartworks.org/Enterprises/BoomerRacks.aspx
E-mail:  info@stlartworks.org
Fax:  314.289.4189     Phone:  314.289.4180
Mail:  3547 Olive Street, Suite 280 Mezzanine Level, St. Louis, Missouri 63103
  • Products Available:  bicycle racks upcycled from used bicycles and bicycle parts.
Web:  http://marmot.com/spring_2008/equipment/sleeping_bags/synthetic
Phone:  888.357.3262
Mail:  2321 Circadian Way, Santa Rosa, California 95407
  • Products Available:  sleeping bags (Eco Pro) recycled from 80% post-consumer plastic.
Web:  www.rebounces.com
Phone:  888.630.5696
  • Products Available:  tennis balls that have been refurbished and repressurized.
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