Waste Calculators and Audits

Information to help organizations determine how much and what kind of waste they are generating.

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Waste Calculators

Use these calculators to help your organization decide why and how to reduce, reuse, or recycle.

United States Environmental Protection Agency's WAste Reduction Model (WARM)
Web:  http://epa.gov/climatechange/wycd/waste/calculators/Warm_home.html

United States Environmental Protection Agency's Food Waste Management Calculator

Web:  www.epa.gov/epawaste/conserve/materials/organics/food/tools/index.htm

Waste Audit-Related Services

archEarthWays Center
Web:  www.earthwayscenter.org
E-mail:  earthways.center@mobot.org
Fax:  314.577.0847     Phone:  314.577.0220
Mail:  4651 Shaw Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63110

archGreen Earth Waste Recovery
Web:  www.greenearthwr.com
Fax:  314.241.9401     Phone:  314.241.9400 or 877.241.9404
Mail:  1232 Washington Avenue, Suite 210, St. Louis, Missouri 63103

missouriThrow and Go Trash, Co.
Fax:  636.225.0401     Phone:  636.225.7000

archSmurfit-Stone Recycling Division - Smurfit Waste Reduction Services
Web:  www.smurfit.com
Phone:  314.383.4930 for local accounts, 314.292.3328 for national accounts
Mail:  5505 Natural Bridge, St. Louis, Missouri 63120
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