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New Set for STL-TV

Courtesy of KTVI FOX 2

January 1, 2015 | 2 min reading time

This article is 7 years old. It was published on January 1, 2015.


 KTVI FOX 2 is switching to a new news set.  According to Andre Holman of the Communications Division, our own STL-TV has been given the opportunity to take the old news set.  Thanks, FOX 2!

Andre Holman on the old news set at KTVI FOX 2

"Everything is labeled, so let's move it out!" wrote Andre Holman of the Communications Division on his Facebook page last month.

KTVI FOX 2's old news set is STL-TV's new news set.  Thanks, FOX 2!


Old news set being removed from KTVI FOX 2 for STL-TV


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