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May 1, 2012 | 4 min reading time
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With the wide use of Twitter, a lot of quick bits of information are released into cyberspace. Many are seen, but many are overlooked. Below are some snippets of information that weren't submitted as Newsgram item, but are worth noting. Enjoy!

Great job, @flystl! #fgs 1 Apr 


Lambert-STL Airport@flystl

Thank you! RT @nathanhalley: @flystl just went through C concourse coming home this morning. Really beautiful. Job well done! 2 Apr

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2012 Kevin Klein awards. #fgs 3 Apr 


Jeff Rainford@jeffrainford

Congratulations to the Streets Department and Trash Police for catching City workers dumping tires. Pre Termination has begun. 3 Apr

Great start for the 2012 season. Way to go Cards! #fgs 4 Apr 

Health Institute STL@HISTL

A Healthier America Begins Today, come to 1520 Market between 10am-1pm & learn more about prevention and treatment of communicable diseases 4 Apr 



Comptroller Green and the entire office would like to wish everyone a Happy and safe Easter weekend. Enjoy what St. Louis City has to offer 6 Apr 


Stephen Gregali@SMGregali

Picking up litter for @MoDOT Trash Bash with @jeffrainford. 6 Apr


Jeff Rainford@jeffrainford

It costs $5 million per year in tax dollars to clean up litter dumped on Missouri roads and highways. Don't get why people do that. 6 Apr

If you are hiding real Easter eggs today, make a map. #fgs 7 Apr

Do you know the way to San Jose? #letsgoblues #fgs 8 Apr

Welcome back to the pulpit, Rev Earl Nance. #fgs 9 Apr 


St. Louis Public Lib@STLpubLibrary

Happy reading to you and your staff, @MayorSlay, and to all of St. Louis! Happy National Library Week! 11 Apr 

Lewis Reed@PresReed

Want to thank Rep Leara, Local 73, F.I.R.E., Ald Greg Carter, the committee members and our city delegation 12 Apr 



Welcome to all visiting St. Louis this wknd oh & @cubs fans too. Enjoy your stay & Let's Go @cardinals, make it a victorious #openingday 13 Apr 


Cara Jensen@cjjens

My heart goes out to all those Paraskevidekatriaphobics today... 13 Apr 


Jeff Rainford@jeffrainford

The FF pension bill passed with a more than 2/3rds majority. The overwhelming vote is a reflection of strong public support for reform. 16 Apr

Mayoral pardon for the penguin. Granted. #fgs 17 Apr 


Jeff Rainford@jeffrainford

Public safety is Mayor Slay's top priority. Since he took office, the police budget has grown by 45%, the fire budget by 64%. 17 Apr

Lou Berra advised every STL mayor and every STL county exec in the past 5 decades. He was a wise, funny counselor. #fgs 19 Apr 


Gregory J. Carter@Ald27Ward

Good job officer Connors & Nuisance coordinator K. Minor for removing a couple of Rotts. from a vacant home. 19 Apr

Director Eddie Roth and Chief Isom are making important gains in smart policing strategies. #fgs 19 Apr 


Patrick R. Brown@iPRB

We have some really great people serving in @MayorSlay's Cabinet. Their ability/desire to help ppl always reminds me why I'm here. #stl 19 Apr 


E & A talking about pensions 'again' ! We MUST tackle this... the responsible thing to do. Must be fair to employees & taxpayers alike! 20 Apr

Blues win series in just 5 games. Way to go Blues! #fgs 21 Apr 


Jeff Rainford@jeffrainford

In strong communities, people look out for each other, help each other, and hold each other accountable. Human connections matter most. 22 Apr 


Jennifer M. Joyce@JenniferJoyceCA

Big crowd at West End Neighborhood Ownership Model meeting. This is totally my favorite part of the job. 24 Apr 


Pamela Walker@pamelarwalker

State, county & city law require all shelters to spay/neuter pets before returning. A loose dog not fixed will breed & cost taxpayers. 25 Apr 


Jeff Rainford@jeffrainford

Gonna be a new Stanley Cup champ this year. Might as well be us. 25 Apr 


Sarah Gamblin-Luig@Mordabito

Hallelujah and thank you! ": City govt has selected Google for its email system. "  26 Apr 


Mary Ellen@mepstl

It's Donate for Life day at the Board of Aldermen. I'm a registered organ donor. Are you? #savealife 27 Apr


Pamela Walker@pamelarwalker

"If you call a dog's tail a leg how many legs does a dog have. Still has 4. Calling the tail a leg doesn't make it a leg." Lincoln. #fb 27 Apr


Jeff Rainford@jeffrainford

Our Forestry folks are helping with limbs/trees on 15 cars/homes. Thank you very much for your hard work in the bad weather. 29 Apr


Jeff Rainford@jeffrainford

Lots of city workers and supervisors were up most of the night fixing storm damage. Too many to name. But, thanks to everyone. 29 Apr

Thanks to the first responder, City hospital, and utility crews - and their supervisors - for their hard work overnight. #fgs 29 Apr 

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