Glossary of Legislative Terms

Definitions of commonly used legislative terms


The process of ensuring that all attachments, amendments and corrections are made and incorporated to a Board Bill before it is finally passed.

Informal Calendar

A portion of a legislative meeting agenda where a Board Bill or Resolution may be placed, upon request by the sponsor,  until the sponsor is ready to move it through the regular meeting process. A Board Bill or Resolution will appear on each subsequent full Board of Aldermen meeting agenda, on the Informal Calendar, until it is moved off by the sponsor or the session ends.

Sine Die

A legal term from the Latin language that translates into English as “without day; without assigning a day for a future meeting.” Sine Die is the name given to the last full Board of Aldermen meeting for a legislative session. At end of this meeting no additional day is announced for the continuance of the session in the motion to adjourn.. The rules of the Board of Aldermen require a date certain for the next full Board of Aldermen meeting to be a part of the adjournment motion. At the Sine Die meeting no date for a future meeting is in the adjournment motion thus ending that session.

En Banc

A legal term from the French language that translates into English as “in the bench.” In the US Judicial system it indicates that an entire appellate court will convene to review a case instead of the usual panel of members. In the legislative setting it is used to mean that all members of the body wish and/or have asked to co-sponsor a Resolution or Board Bill by having their names added.

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