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The following is a list of the most recent press releases and news announcements from the City of St. Louis.

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Trash Collection Schedule to Accommodate 2015 Labor Day Observance
Reminder for residents with roll carts
Department of Streets | News/Announcement | 08/31/2015

Wells Fargo HomeLIFT Program to Help St. Louis Homebuyers
Eligible homebuyers can make an appointment now to reserve $15,000 down payment assistance grant Sept. 25-26 at America's Center Convention Complex
Treasurer's Office | News/Announcement | 08/31/2015

City of St. Louis Homebuyers to Benefit from $4.75 Million HomeLIFT
Eligible Homebuyers Can Make an Appointment to Reserve $15,000 Down Payment Assistance Grant Sept. 25-26 at America's Center
Office of the Mayor | Press release | 08/31/2015

Mayor Slay Signs Bill Establishing Minimum Wage Increase into Law
Raises the Wage in the City of St. Louis to $11 by 2018. Kansas City Mayor James and Mayor Slay Call for Statewide Increase
Office of the Mayor | Press release | 08/28/2015

Public Safety Director's Spotlight - 2015 National Preparedness Awareness Month
Weekly newsletter with timely safety tips and info about upcoming events in St. Louis City
Department of Public Safety | News/Announcement | 08/28/2015

Legal Brief Regarding Body Camera Funding
Chief of Staff, Elaine Spearman, presents a legal brief regarding funding for body cameras for the STL Police Department.
Office of the Comptroller | News/Announcement | 08/28/2015

Ward Capital Balances
Explanation from Budget Director Paul Payne
Office of the Comptroller | News/Announcement | 08/27/2015

Financial Dignity Center Opens at City Hall
Add "financial empowerment" to the list of services provided by the City of St. Louis.
Office of the Mayor | Press release | 08/26/2015

Utilizing Ward Capital for Body Camera Funding
Comptroller Darlene Green makes a recommendation to E & A
Office of the Comptroller | News/Announcement | 08/25/2015

SLHA To Connect Residents Of Clinton Peabody To Jobs; Kick-starts Jobs Plus Pilot Program
Hundreds of residents from impoverished St. Louis community will have a chance to establish savings and financial stability.
St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment | Press release | 08/24/2015

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