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Becoming an employee of the City of St. Louis means becoming part of the team that is leading our region's resurgence. It means doing important, significant work that directly affects the lives of more than 300,000 residents. As an employee of the City, you'll join a staff of hundreds of people who love St. Louis and are committed to serving the people with whom we share this great City.

Learn about the City of St. Louis preferential points hiring policy for veterans and for residency and how they work.

Learn of the many benefits the City offers.

Civil Service Jobs with the City of St. Louis

Opportunities are sorted by position title, closing date. Applications for openings with no closing date will be accepted until a sufficient number are received to fill anticipated vacancies.

Position Title Closing Date
Account Clerk
Accounting Coordinator
Accounting Manager (Employees Retirement System)
Airfield Maintenance Worker
Airfield Operations Specialist
Airfield Painter/Maintenance Worker
Airport Operations Supervisor
Airport Planning Manager
Airport Police Officer
Airport Properties Specialist
Airport Properties Supervisor
Animal Care and Control Officer
Animal Regulation Center Supervisor
Architectural Manager
Assistant Mechanical Maintenance Worker
Attorney I (Municipal Prosecution)
Attorney I (Litigation)
Attorney II (Affirmative Litigation)
Attorney II (Problem Properties)
Attorney II (Transactions)
Attorney III (Employment Litigation)
Attorney III (Civil Litigation)
Budget Analyst
Budget Analyst (Senior)
Building Inspector I
Building Maintenance and Operations Supervisor
Building Maintenance Worker
Carpenter Foreman
Chemist I
City Planning Executive
Civil Engineer I
Civil Engineer II
Civil Engineer III
Civil Engineer III/Computer Network Coordinator (Lambert-St. Louis International Airport)
Clerk Typist
Client Service Coordinator I (Department of Human Services)
Client Service Coordinator I (Office of Violence Prevention)
Commissioner of Towing
Communications Center Coordinator (CEMA)
Communications Equipment Installer
Communications Service Center Specialist II
Community Development Planner II
Community Development Specialist II
Community Health Aide
Computer Operator I
Construction Equipment Operator I
Construction Equipment Operator I (Trainee)
Construction Equipment Operator II
Construction Project Leader
Contract Compliance Officer
Correctional Officer I
Correctional Officer II
Correctional Training Coordinator
Correctional Training Officer
Correctional Unit Manager
Criminalist I
Criminalist II
Customer Service Representative I
Customer Service Representative I (Per Performance)
Data Processing Manager (SCADA)
Deputy Marshal
Digital/Printing Press Operator
Director of Personnel
DNA Technical Leader
Electrical Inspection Supervisor
Electrical Inspector II
Electrician (Lead)
Electrician Foreman
Electronic Control Systems Technician
Electronic Instrument Technician
Electronic Technician Supervisor
Emergency Management Specialist
Employment and Training Specialist I
EMS Dispatcher
EMS Training Specialist
EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
Engineering Manager I
Engineering Technician I
Engineering Technician II
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Health Officer
Executive Assistant I (Airport Noise Abatement Executive)
Facilities Maintenance Worker
Firearms Examiner
Fiscal Manager
Fiscal Officer II 12/09/22
Fleet Body Repair Specialist (Automotive Body Mechanic)
Fleet Maintenance Parts Specialist
Fleet Maintenance Parts Supervisor
Fleet Maintenance Technician I (Automotive Mechanic Helper)
Fleet Maintenance Technician II (Automotive Mechanic)
Fleet Maintenance Technician III (Diesel Truck/Equipment Mechanic)
Food Establishment Inspector
Forestry Foreman
Government Services Analyst
Government Services Analyst (Building Division)
Health Care Compliance Specialist
Heavy Equipment Operator I
Heavy Equipment Operator II
Heavy Equipment Operator II (Refuse Collector)
Heavy Equipment Operator II (Refuse Collector) (Per Performance)
Heavy Equipment Operator II (Refuse Collector) (Trainee)
Human Relations Specialist
Human Resources Coordinator 12/09/22
Human Resources Specialist
HVAC Mechanic
Information Security Administrator
Inventory Control Technician
Labor Supervisor
Lead Abatement Inspector
Lead Abatement Worker
Legal Investigator II (Civilian Oversight Board)
Legal Secretary
Licensed Practical Nurse
Lifeguard Supervisor
Liquor Control Officer
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Inspector I
Mechanical Maintenance Foreman
Mechanical Maintenance Worker
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist
Nutrition Program Coordinator
Painter (Lead)
Park Ranger (Armed)
Parking Garage Attendant (Lead)
Parole and Probation Officer
Payroll Specialist I
Payroll Specialist II
Payroll Specialist III
Personal Property Appraiser I
Pest Control Worker
Police Dispatcher I (Trainee)
Police Officer (Trainee)
Police Planner I
Police Planner II
Prisoner Processing Clerk
Procurement Specialist
Program Coordinator (Nature Steward)
Program Coordinator (Recreation Division)
Program Coordinator (Veteran's Service Officer)
Program Coordinator (Comptroller's Office)
Program Coordinator (Finance and Development)
Program Coordinator (Worker's Compensation)
Program Manager I (Community Sanitation, Vector Control, and Animal Care and Control
Program Manager I (Building Division)
Program Manager I (Family/Community/School Health)
Program Manager I (St. Louis Area Agency on Aging)
Program Manager I (Homeless Services)
Program Manager II (Airport Emergency Operations Center)
Program Manager II (Office of Violence Prevention) 12/23/22
Program Specialist I (Recycling)
Program Specialist I (Security Specialist)
Program Specialist I (Communicable Disease Services)
Program Specialist II (Airport Security Operations)
Program Specialist II (St. Louis Area Agency on Aging)
Program Specialist II (Health Public Information Officer Assistant)
Program Specialist II (Recycling)
Program Worker (Department of Human Services) (Per Performance)
Programmer/Analyst I
Programmer/Analyst I (COBOL Programmer) (Per Performance)
Programmer/Analyst III (Network Security - St. Louis Lambert International Airport)
Public Health Nurse II
Public Health Program Representative (Communicable Disease)
Public Health Program Representative (Family/Community/School Health) (FCSH)
Public Information Officer I
Public Information Officer to the Comptroller
Public Nuisance Inspector
Public Safety Dispatcher I (Trainee)
Real Estate Specialist
Real Property Appraiser I (Trainee)
Records Retention Supervisor
Recreation Assistant
Recreation Assistant (BOXING COACH) (Per Performance)
Recreation Supervisor I (Sports Coordinator)
Safety Officer II
Safety Officer III
Secretary I
Secretary II
Senior Plan Examiner
Specialist on Aging I
Stationary Engineer
Stationary Engineer (Trainee)
Street and Traffic Inspector
Systems Analyst
Systems Development Specialist
Telecommunications Technician
Tow Truck Operator
Towing Services Foreman
Trades Helper
Traffic Engineer (Senior)
Tree Trimmer
Tree Trimmer (Trainee)
Utility Locator
Utility Worker
Utility Worker (Lead)
Utility Worker (Limited-Term) (Parks, Forestry and Refuse Division Seasonal Worker)
Video Engineer (Per Performance)
Video Production Specialist (Per Performance)
Video Production Supervisor
Water Maintenance Foreman
Water Maintenance Technician
Water Meter Worker
Water Plant Maintenance Foreman
Water Plant Maintenance Mechanic
Water Treatment Plant Operator
Zoning Specialist (Lead)

Promotions Only

These examinations are open to permanent city employees who are eligible to apply on a promotional basis.

Position Title Closing Date
Airfield Maintenance Foreman
Airfield Maintenance Worker (Lead)
Airfield Operations Specialist (Lead)
EMS Lead Dispatcher
Paramedic Crew Chief 12/02/22

Non-Civil Service Jobs Processed by Personnel

Applications for openings with no closing date will be accepted until a sufficient number are received to fill anticipated vacancies

Position Title Closing Date
Fellowships (City of St. Louis Mayor’s Office) 12/06/22

Non-Civil Service Jobs

These positions are processed by the listing Offices and not the Department of Personnel.

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