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RSS feed icon RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds allow you to get the latest news from your favorite sources, all in one place. The City of St. Louis offers the following feeds:

City of St. Louis - All News
Latest news and press releases posted by the City of St. Louis.
City of St. Louis - Board Bills
City of St. Louis - Board Bills
City of St. Louis - Calendar
Upcoming events and meetings in the City of St. Louis
City of St. Louis - Jobs
Latest City of St. Louis job postings.

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Departments, Agencies, and Organizations on Twitter

A list of Departments, Organizations, and Agencies that use Twitter
Organization Twitter Link
Animal Care and Control @Lostdogstl
Department of Health @CityofSTLDOH
Office of the Mayor @mayorslay
Office of the Mayor @SableJ1
Board of Public Service @STLBPSPRES
Citizens' Service Bureau @stlcsb
Communications Division @stltvchannel
Office of the License Collector @STL_LicenseColl
Department of Public Safety @STLPublicSafety
Department of Public Safety @STLPublicSafety
Office of the Comptroller @stlcomptroller
Department of Streets @stlstreets
Office of the Treasurer @stltreasurer
Homeless Services @stlouiscitycoc
Information Technology Services Agency @STL_ITSA
Soldiers Memorial Military Museum @STLSMemorial
Board of Aldermen @presreed
City Emergency Management Agency @CityEMA
Newsgram @newsgram
Metropolitan St. Louis Police Department @SLMPD
Brightside St. Louis @OpBrightside

Individuals on Twitter

A list of City employees who use Twitter
Name & Title Twitter Link
Samuel-Christopher Anderson
Customer Service Manager, 240
Jeffrey Boyd
Ward 22 Alderman, 332
Richard T. Bradley, P.E.
President, 209
Patrick Brown
Deputy Chief of Staff, 199
Gary Christmann
Commissioner, 337
Jack Coatar
Ward 07 Alderman, 332
Maggie Crane
Communications Director, ,199
D. Samuel Dotson
Police Chief, 365
Antonio French
Ward 21 Alderman, 332
Darlene Green
Comptroller, 260
Tishaura Jones
Treasurer, 290
Mary Ellen Ponder
Chief of Staff, 199
Lewis Reed
President of the Board of Aldermen, 291
Eddie Roth
Director Department of Human Services, 343
Francis Slay
Mayor, 199
Yudora Watson
Secretary to the Board of Estimate & Apportionment, 260
Catherine Werner
Sustainability Director, 199
Catherine Werner
Sustainability Director, 199

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