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Fall in St. Louis

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 COVID-19 Information and Resources

Current Status

Community Level

Community Level
CDC description of local risk based on current case and hospital numbers

Community Transmission

Community Transmission
CDC description of local transmission risk

View more COVID-19 data and maps


COVID-19 vaccines are now approved for people ages 6 months and older. 1 booster is approved for ages 5-50. 2 boosters are approved for all people ages 50 and up, and people ages 12 and older who are immunocompromised.

Learn about ways to get a vaccine or booster shot.

Orders and Guidance

Currently, there is no mask mandate in St. Louis. The Department of Health urges everyone to wear a mask in public settings, especially when the Community and Transmission levels are high. View CDC guidance on mask wearing.

View the most recent COVID-19 Guidance for Isolation, Quarantine and Transmission-Based Precautions.

There are no travel restrictions to the City of St. Louis.

Living In St. Louis

A woman receives a vaccine
Photo by Lauren Bishop for CDC Title: A woman receives a vaccine
Source: Lauren Bishop for CDC

Get a COVID-19 Vaccine

See the Health Department's COVID-19 Vaccination page for information about vaccines and boosters.


Maps, details, contact info, community groups, parks, and other info about St. Louis City neighborhoods.

Flood Assistance

Those who sustained losses due to the July 25-28 flooding may apply for FEMA disaster assistance. Deadline Oct 7.

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