Neighborhood Development

Aldermanic Committees

considers blighting and redevelopment plan bills provided that such bills pertain only to vacant, scattered site residential or proposed blighted area where no relocation will be necessary to complete the proposed redevelopment.

Committee Members

Board Bills Referred to Committee

BB6Redevelopment plan for 6215 Marmaduke
BB7Redevelopment plan for 5762 & 5764 McPherson
BB8Redevelopment plan for 4231, 4233, 4241 Gibson
BB9Redevelopment plan for 4100-08 Lindell
BB10Redevelopment plan for 4245 West Pine Blvd.
BB12Redevelopment plan for 4526 - 4528 Olive
BB13Redevelopment plan for 3811 Juniata
BB14Redevelopment plan for 3806 Arsenal
BB15Redevelopment plan for 3836 Hartford, 3831 Wyoming
BB16Redevelopment plan for 5808-12 Michigan
BB17Redevelopment plan for 6308 & 7100 Michigan
BB18Redevelopment plan for 5414 Alaska
BB19Redevelopment plan for 1817 & 1821-23 S. 9th St.
BB20Redevelopment plan for 1923-25 S.10th St.
BB21Redevelopment plan for 6200-12 N. Broadway
BB23Redevelopment plan for 3531-3537 S. Kingshighway
BB24Redevelopment plan for 5921 Southwest, 4405 Fyler, 3279-3283 Alfred
BB26Redevelopment plan for 2819 McNair
BB27Redevelopment plan for 3324 Wisconsin
BB28Redevelopment plan for 1904 Withnell
BB29Redevelopment plan for 3321-3323 Demenil
BB30Redevelopment plan for 4125 Russell
BB31Redevelopment plan for 4218 Cleveland
BB32Redevelopment plan for 4247-4249 Russell
BB33Redevelopment plan for 1817-1819 Thurman
BB34Redevelopment plan for 3755 Lindell
BB46Redevelopment plan for 2700-06 Cherokee
BB84Redevelopment plan for 825-885 East Taylor
BB85Redevelopment plan for 3862 Humphrey
BB86Redevelopment plan for Chouteau Av., Sarah St, Papin St.
BB87Redevelopment plan for 1470 South Vandeventer
BB89Redevelopment plan for 3819 Shaw Blvd.
BB90Redevelopment plan for 3447 Humphrey
BB91Redevelopment plan for S. Broadway, Dakota, Osceola, Nebraska
BB92Redevelopment plan for 2924 McNair
BB93Redevelopment plan for 1925 Senate
BB94Redevelopment plan for 2104 Sidney
BB95Redevelopment plan for 2739 Arsenal
BB96Redevelopment plan for 3169-71 Iowa
BB97Redevelopment plan for 4218 S. 37th St.
BB130Redevelopment plan for 3865 Humphrey
BB131Redevelopment plan for 5803-37 Dale
BB132Redevelopment plan for 5213-5215 Bischoff
BB133Redevelopment plan for 930-936 N. Kingshighway
BB143Redevelopment plan for Greater Ville Scattered Sites
BB144Redevelopment plan for 2119 Arsenal
BB145Redevelopment plan for 2213 Arsenal
BB146Redevelopment plan for 3448 Crittendon
BB147Redevelopment plan for 3859 Flora
BB148Redevelopment plan for 5347-5349 Wilson
BB149Redevelopment plan for 4028 Botanical
BB150Redevelopment plan for 3940 Shaw
BB151Redevelopment plan for Tower Grove East/Fox Pk
BB152Redevelopment plan for 4092 Robert
BB154Redevelopment plan for 5215 Manchester
BB155Redevelopment plan for 3661 Hartford
BB156Redevelopment plan for 3662 Humphrey
BB157Redevelopment plan for 4168 Juniata
BB158Redevelopment plan for 1509 Fairmount
BB159Redevelopment plan for 700-02 Allen
BB161Redevelopment plan for 5510-26 Pershing
BB180Redevelopment plan for 2268 S. Jefferson
BB181Redevelopment plan for 2242 Shenandoah
BB187Redevelopment plan for 4020 Russell Blvd.
BB188Redevelopment plan for 4309 Gertrude
BB189Redevelopment plan for 6329 Minnesota
BB222Redevelopment plan for 4339 Juniata
BB223Redevelopment plan for 4418-4420 Connecticut
BB224Redevelopment plan for 2733 January
BB225Redevelopment plan for 3800 Shaw
BB227Redevelopment plan for 4245-4259 Lindell
BB228Redevelopment plan for 625 N. Euclid
BB230Redevelopment plan for 2865 Lemp
BB231Redevelopment plan for 4129 Cleveland
BB232Redevelopment plan for 2618 Lafayette
BB234Redevelopment plan for 1318 Hodiamont
BB239Redevelopment plan for 3011 Missouri
BB240Redevelopment plan for 4249 Chouteau
BB241Redevelopment plan for 919-21 Ann
BB242Redevelopment plan for 2217-21 S. 10th Street
BB243Redevelopment plan for 1900-08 Lafayette
BB244Redevelopment plan for 1243 Graham
BB256Redevelopment plan for 3504 McKean Avenue
BB257Redevelopment plan for 3610-12 Bamberger
BB259Redevelopment plan for 2345 Russell Blvd.
BB272Redevelopment plan for 4212 Chouteau
BB273Redevelopment plan for 3708 Humphry
BB276Redevelopment plan for 2123 Marconi
BB277Redevelopment plan for 2821 Oregon
BB278Redevelopment plan for 3328 Lemp
BB286Redevelopment plan for 3139 Ohio
BB287Redevelopment plan for 3000-3004 Texas
BB288Redevelopment plan for 2813-2815 S. 18th Street
BB289Redevelopment plan for 2862 Wisconsin
BB291Redevelopment plan for 4200 Cleveland
BB292Redevelopment plan for 4003 Russell
BB293Redevelopment plan for 1817 Alfred
BB301Redevelopment plan for 4308-10 Swan
BB302Redevelopment plan for 4101 Laclede

Resolutions Referred to Committee

There are no resolutions at this time.

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