Aldermanic Committees

Aldermanic Committees

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Neighborhood Development Committee

considers blighting and redevelopment plan bills provided that such bills pertain only to vacant, scattered site residential or proposed blighted area where no relocation will be necessary to complete the proposed redevelopment.

Committee Members

Board Bills Referred to Committee

BB13Revelopment plan for 3637 N. Utah Place
BB15Redevelopment plan for 2841-47 Indiana
BB16Redevelopment plan for 4409-25 Evans
BB17Redevelopment plan for 4218 Maryland
BB18Redevelopment plan for 5444 Odell
BB19Redevelopment plan for 2422-24 S. 11th Street
BB20Redevelopment plan for 5223 Elizabeth
BB22Redevelopment plan for 5135 Shaw
BB24Redevelopment plan for 4467 Gibson
BB26Redevelopment plan for 7200-7230 S. Broadway
BB28Redevelopment plan for 1910 Virginia
BB29Redevelopment plan for 2655 Accomac
BB30Redevelopment plan for 3670 Flora Pl
BB31Redevelopment plan for 3663 Cleveland
BB32Redevelopment plan for 4055-57 Shaw
BB333516-18 Wyoming
BB34Redevelopment plan for 3329 S. 7th Street
BB35Redevelopment plan for 2724 Utah
BB36Redevelopment plan for 3501 Utah
BB40Redevelopment plan for 1212-14 Lynch
BB42Redevelopment plan for 4156-58 Juniata
BB43Redevelopment plan for 3548 Giles
BB44Redevelopment plan for 6201-05 Columbia
BB49Redevelopment plan for 2400 S. 9th Street
BB50Redevelopment plan for 2010 Geyer
BB52Redevelopment plan for 6335 Bulwer Ave
BB53Redevelopment plan for Lookaway Drive
BB71Redevelopment plan for 3822 Flad
BB72Redevelopment plan for 2622-24 Cherokee
BB73Redevelopment plan for 3023-25 Allen
BB74Redevelopment plan for 3818-20 Arsenal
BB75Redevelopment plan for 3433 McKean
BB77Redevelopment plan for 2017 Allen
BB78Redevelopment plan for 3150-56 S. Grand and 3515-21 Juniata
BB79Redevelopment Plan for 3806 Flad
BB80Redevelopment plan for 2629 S. 11th Str.
BB99Redevelopment plan for DeSales Scattered Sites
BB100Redevelopment plan for 3304 Shenandoah
BB101Redevelopment plan for 3130 Ohio
BB102Redevelopment plan for 5624 Magnolia
BB103Redevelopment plan for 4019 Magnolia
BB104Redevelopment plan for 5320 Brannon
BB105Redevelopment plan for 2340 S. 11th
BB106Redevelopment plan for 1041 Shenandoah
BB107Redevelopment plan for 3904 Hartford
BB108Redevelopment plan for 3804 and 3822 Humphrey
BB109Redevelopment plan for 514 Holly Hills
BB110Redevelopment plan for 5132 Daggett
BB111Redevelopment plan for 5103-05 Wicklow Place
BB116Redevelopment plan for 4321-25 Manchester
BB118Redevelopment plan for 1409 Missouri
BB122Redevelopment plan for 3501 California
BB123Redevelopment plan for 2117 Russell
BB127Redevelopment plan for 4151-53 Cleveland
BB128Redevelopment plan for 3854,3858,3860 Shenandoah
BB129Redevelopment plan for 5201-03 Virginia
BB135Redevelopment plan for 3884 Fairview
BB136Redevelopment plan for 3518 Utah
BB153Redev. plan for 2804-08 S. Compton, 3151-53 Halliday
BB154Redev. plan for 2925 Lemp
BB155Redev. plan for 3453 Wisconsin
BB156Redev plan for 2615 January
BB157Amend. redev.plan for Hyde Park Scattered Sites
BB158Redev. plan for 1011 Olive St.
BB159Redev. plan for 3826-32 McRee, 3828-30 Folsom
BB180Redevelopment plan for 6828 Oakland
BB181Redevelopment plan for 4108-10 Castleman
BB182Redevelopment plan for 4957-63 Arsenal
BB183Redevelopment plan for 1349 N. Garrison
BB184Redevelopment plan for 1918 Edwards
BB185Redevelopment plan for 2106 Wyoming
BB190Redevelopment plan for 2021 Rutger
BB199Redevelopment plan for 3838 Flora Place
BB212Redevelopment plan for 4056 Russell
BB213Redevelopment plan for 2112 Sidney St.
BB223Redevelopment plan for 2613-17 Marcus
BB224Redevelopment plan for 2218 Wisconsin
BB234Redevelopment plan for 1956 Wyoming
BB236Redevelopment plan for 5528 Botanical
BB237Redevelopment plan for 5435 Elizabeth
BB239Redevelopment plan for 2350 S. Grand
BB240Redevelopment plan for 4135-37 Shaw
BB243Redevelopment plan for 2413 S. 10th
BB253Redevelopment plan for 3219 Regal Place
BB254Redevelopment plan for 3923 Cleveland
BB255Redevelopment plan for 2640 Arsenal
BB256Redevelopment plan for 5431 Holly Hills
BB257Redevelopment plan for 4448 Oakland
BB258Redevelopment plan for 1917 Rutger
BB261Redevelopment plan for 5519 Botanical
BB262Redevelopment plan for 5532 Magnolia

Resolutions Referred to Committee

There are no resolutions at this time.

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