Neighborhood Development

Aldermanic Committees

Considers blighting and redevelopment plan bills provided that such bills pertain only to vacant, scattered site residential or proposed blighted area where no relocation will be necessary to complete the proposed redevelopment.

Committee Members

Board Bills Referred to Committee

BB4Redevelopment plan for 4403 Gibson
BB10Redevelopment plan for 1500-04 Salisbury
BB12Redevelopment plan for 2324 Virginia
BB13Redevelopment plan for 4030 Russell
BB14Redevelopment plan for 4104-4164 Detonty
BB15Redevelopment plan for 3332-3334 Missouri and 3310 Lemp
BB16Redevelopment plan for 3835 Connecticut
BB17Redevelopment plan for 3657 Wyoming
BB19Redevelopment plan for 2841 McNair
BB20Redevelopment plan for 3429 Missouri
BB22Redevelopment plan for 1911 Utah
BB23Redevelopment plan for 2607 California
BB24Redevelopment plan for 2842 Ohio
BB29Ordinance amending the Redevelopment plan for Tower Grove East/Fox Park
BB31Redevelopment plan for 5859 DeGiverville
BB35Redevelopment plan for 1600-1742 Washington
BB37Redevelopment plan for 2246 Shenandoah
BB38Redevelopment plan for 2243 McNair
BB43Redevelopment plan for 4227 Swan
BB44Redevelopment plan for 3722 Tholozan
BB56Redevelopment plan for 2105 Ann
BB73Redevelopment plan for 3525 Illinois
BB74Redevelopment plan for 3127 Shenandoah
BB75Redevelopment plan for 801-25 Ann
BB76Redevelopment plan for 3935-37 Wyoming
BB77Redevelopment plan for 3637-51 Washington
BB78Redevelopment plan for 3839 Indiana
BB79Redevelopment plan for 3944 Michigan
BB87Redevelopment plan for Kosciusko Site

Resolutions Referred to Committee

There are no resolutions at this time.

About Aldermanic Committees

Aldermanic committees serve an important role in reviewing proposed legislation. 

When a bill is introduced, it is referred by the President of the Board of Aldermen to a committee tasked with reviewing bills that address that topic. Committees hold meetings and hearings at the call of their chairmen and chairwomen. 

Once a bill is "in committee," the bill can be scheduled for a public hearing by that committee, at which testimony in support of or against the bill is heard. The committee will typically hold a vote on whether to recommend that the full Board of Alderman pass the bill. 

Committees may also play a role in government oversight, and they have subpoena power pursuant to the City Charter.

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