Aldermanic Committees

Considers and reports upon existing and proposed laws and recommends changes when indicated. It examines matters relating to elections, registrations and revisions or ordinances and reports on all bills and measures remaining over from the last session and requiring further consideration. The committee also examines matters of personnel, civil service, the Law Department, Complaint Board, City Courts, Register and duties of the City Marshall with the idea of suggesting improvements. It considers the amount and sufficiency of city bonds and license taxes.

Committee Members

Board Bills Referred to Committee

BB14Citizen Commission Reduction/Reformation of the Board of Aldermen
BB35Stolen car towing fee
BB98Amending code to add protection for homeless
BB99Collection of funds for prevention of domestic violence
BB114Bi Annual Conflict of Interest Policy
BB117Payroll Tax Public Safety
BB168Ordinance repealing ordinance 70475 Whistleblower Law
BB180Ordinance to amend marijuana laws
BB193An ordinance pertaining to unlawful possession of marijuana
BB194Ordinance repealing employee residency requirement
BB243Ordinance regarding public meetings calendar

Resolutions Referred to Committee

82Poet Laureate Task Force
124he City’s Sustainability Plan
187officials and departments which were the subject of the 2010 audit prepare and submit to the Board of Aldermen detailed written reports on their implementation

About Aldermanic Committees

Aldermanic committees serve an important role in reviewing proposed legislation. 

When a bill is introduced, it is referred by the President of the Board of Aldermen to a committee tasked with reviewing bills that address that topic. Committees hold meetings and hearings at the call of their chairmen and chairwomen. 

Once a bill is "in committee," the bill can be scheduled for a public hearing by that committee, at which testimony in support of or against the bill is heard. The committee will typically hold a vote on whether to recommend that the full Board of Alderman pass the bill. 

Committees may also play a role in government oversight, and they have subpoena power pursuant to the City Charter.

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