Streets, Traffic and Refuse

Aldermanic Committees

Considers all matters pertaining to streets, alleys, sidewalk, traffic and signage, parking and refuse.

Committee Members

Board Bills Referred to Committee

BB6Establishing 4-way stop at Oleatha/Prather
BB7Ordinance pertaining to semi-trailer trucks
BB8Vacation of Wise between Kingshighway and Brother Thornton Way
BB92016 St. Louis Works and 50/50 Sidewalk Program
BB26Establishing a 4-way stop at Sidney and McNair
BB30Ordinance pertaining to vendors on the Wharf
BB33Vacation of Shaw between Kingshighway by Vandeventer
BB41Vacation of the north/south alley at Davis, Michigan, Hurck, Virginia
BB55Parking Division Budget
BB64Vacation of 17th Street from Washington to St. Charles
BB66Ordinance pertaining to vending
BB82Ordinance to prohibit commercial curb cuts in 4900 block of Terry
BB83Ordinance pertaining to commercial traffic
BB84Honorarily designate 5000-5200 Lotus as Lou "Fatha" Thimes Ave
BB85Ordinance pertaining to vendors
BB88Ordinance regarding Traffic Calming
BB90Ordinance establishing 3-way stop at Marquette & Prather
BB91Vacation of Barton & 7th Street
BB92Vacation of N/S alley at Terrance/Christy
BB944-way stop at Walsh & Clifton
BB95Ordinance prohibiting the installation of any new pole signs
BB96Ordinance to close traffic at Wabada west of Union
BB97Ordinance to close traffic at Terry & Kingshighway
BB103stop site for all northbound and southbound traffic on Sulphur at Potomac
BB105naming the real property at the south-southwest intersection of Gravois and Morganford Road
BB111permitting appointed members of the Civilian Oversight Board to park, without payment of fees, at any parking meter
BB132Establishing a public works project for Tower Grove Pk Neighborhood Access Enhancement
BB142Barring tractor-trailer traffic on a section of Morganford
BB144Parking at City Hall
BB147Street name change to Barbara Beck Blvd
BB148Street name change to George and Sandy Grbac Lane
BB162Loan agreement to fund Energy Loan Program
BB166Closing Mt. Pleasant at west side of Broadway
BB167Establishing a 4-way stop at Nebraska and Itaska
BB201Ordinance designating 2800 block of Cool Papa Bell as Pastor Jerry Hodges Street
BB202Ordinance designating 2800 block of Finney as Rev. Dr. Jimmy L. Brown St.
BB204Ordinance establishing a stop site on Indiana and Pestalozzi
BB206Ordinance establishing a stop site on Mardel Avenue
BB207vacation of Rutger from Grand westward
BB208vacation of alley at LaSalle, Motard, Hickory & Spring
BB209vacation of alley at Hickory, Grand, Rutger, Spring
BB210vacation of alley at Papin, Tucker, Chouteau, 13th
BB211vacation of alley at Lombard, 3rd, Chouteau, 4th
BB212vacation of alley at Kemper from Hereford westwardly
BB223Vacation of alley at Samuel Shepard, Leonard, Washington, Josephine Baker
BB224Vacation of Sublette from Wise southward
BB244Four-way stop site at the intersection of Field Avenue and Blow Street
BB245Close traffic on Enright and Sarah
BB262vacation of alley at Delmar, 14th, Lucas, 15th
BB263vacation of alley at N. Market, 19th, Maiden Lane, 20th
BB264vacation of alley at Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, 20th, Delmar, 21st
BB265vacation of alley at Kraft, Wise, Louisville, Park,
BB266vacation of alley at St. Louis Avenue, 22nd, Cass, Jefferson
BB268Chouteau - Newstead Parking District
BB270Solid Waste Service
BB30350/50 Sidewalk
BB309Ordinance prohibiting the use of alleys by operators of motor vehicles for drive through traffic

Resolutions Referred to Committee

There are no resolutions at this time.

About Aldermanic Committees

Aldermanic committees serve an important role in reviewing proposed legislation. 

When a bill is introduced, it is referred by the President of the Board of Aldermen to a committee tasked with reviewing bills that address that topic. Committees hold meetings and hearings at the call of their chairmen and chairwomen. 

Once a bill is "in committee," the bill can be scheduled for a public hearing by that committee, at which testimony in support of or against the bill is heard. The committee will typically hold a vote on whether to recommend that the full Board of Alderman pass the bill. 

Committees may also play a role in government oversight, and they have subpoena power pursuant to the City Charter.

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