Streets, Traffic and Refuse

Aldermanic Committees

Considers all matters pertaining to streets, alleys, sidewalk, traffic and signage, parking and refuse.

Committee Members

Board Bills Referred to Committee

BB13Ordinance establishing Neosho & Adkins 3-way stop
BB15Establishing three-way stop at Hoffman and Clifton
BB16Establishing three-way stop at Berthold and Graham
BB17Street name change between Semple & Arlington to Rev. Reginald D. Rogers
BB24Vacation of the alley at Penrose, Broadway, Angelica and I-70
BB30Ordinance establishing 3-way stop at Taylor and Kennerly
BB32Vacation of alley at Papin, Sarah Chouteau, and Talmage
BB33Stop sign at Chippewa & Marine
BB39Parking Division operating expenses
BB40Ordinance amending parking fines
BB42Street closing on Mardel west of Hampton Avenue
BB59Ordinance relating to Solid Waste Service fee
BB62Vacation of alley at Eitman, Sulphur, Columbia and Clifton Park Terrace
BB63Vacation of alley at bounded by Hickory, Grattan, Park and Dolman
BB65Vacation of alley at Carter, Grand, Penrose, Obear
BB73Honorary street name change to Justine M. Petersen Pathway
BB80Ordinance establishing 4-way stop at Oregon and Cherokee
BB81Ordinance establishing 4-way stop at Potomac and Louisiana
BB82Vacation of Clifton at Columbia
BB92Ordinance pertaining to the Parking Meter Fund
BB94Honorary street name change to Terry 'Chip' Jones Way
BB113Street name change S. Sgt. Ron Bozikis
BB118Vacate Chouteau at Sarah
BB120Consistent sidewalk square replacement
BB1214-way stop at Hartford and Morganford
BB127Establishing speed bumps in O'Fallon Park
BB129Ordinance banning horses on public streets
BB131Honorary street name - Elder Bennie Lee Thompson Street
BB133Vacation of Primm St. from Reilly westwardly
BB137Ordinance pertaining to Residential Disabled Parking
BB139Street name change to Norma Leggett Lane
BB167Stop sign for Piccadilly
BB170Ordinance closing 4400 Red Bud
BB178Ordinance establishing a 3-way stop at Missouri and Ann
BB179Ordinance establishing a 4-way stop at Bancroft & Prather
BB190Ordinance pertaining to Parking Meter Fund

Resolutions Referred to Committee

There are no resolutions at this time.

About Aldermanic Committees

Aldermanic committees serve an important role in reviewing proposed legislation. 

When a bill is introduced, it is referred by the President of the Board of Aldermen to a committee tasked with reviewing bills that address that topic. Committees hold meetings and hearings at the call of their chairmen and chairwomen. 

Once a bill is "in committee," the bill can be scheduled for a public hearing by that committee, at which testimony in support of or against the bill is heard. The committee will typically hold a vote on whether to recommend that the full Board of Alderman pass the bill. 

Committees may also play a role in government oversight, and they have subpoena power pursuant to the City Charter.

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